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Follow These 5 Tips To Look Younger

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Add years to your life and look younger with these effective and amazing tips. Scroll down below to find out how you can fight aging with completely natural age defying tips that smooths your skin, decrease stress and boost your health as well.

1. Get Enough Rest

Your skin repairs itself at night, so if you lack sleep, it will show in your complexion. Always remember to get plenty of sleep. It will not just do wonders to your skin and overall look, but to your health as well.

2. Eat Plenty of Vegetables

People who live longer and look younger, are individuals who eat more soy, beans, green leafy vegetables and nuts. They also tend to eat less meat.

3. Always Smile

Individuals were asked to study photographs, and were asked to guess the age of the models with different facial expressions. It was found out that happy faces were rated as younger than they were, neutral expressions got the most accurate results and fearful expressions made models look older.

4. Moisturize and Cleanse Your Skin

Moisturizing and cleaning your skin helps protect and keep it healthy. You can use a cleanser that gently washes without stripping your skin of moisture. Use a good moisturizer during the day and night as well.

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5. Wear Sunscreen

Use a sunscreen with SPF 30. But also opt for a formula that contains antioxidants that will help reduce oxidative damage and does not need to be reapplied as often.

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