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6 Practical Tips to Prevent Body Odor

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We all have our own distinctive body smell. It only becomes a problem when a person’s body odor is offensive or strong that it drives other people away.

The body has two kinds of sweat glands: the exocrine glands, found all over the body; and the apocrine glands, activated only at puberty and found in hairy areas, e.g., the armpits and the pubic region. Apocrine glands secrete proteins and fatty substances, that play a major role in causing body odor.


• Eating spicy foods, e.g., garlic, onions, and curry.
• Bacteria acting on perspiration that has been left to dry on the skin for some hours.

Prevention tips

• Practical good hygiene. Take a bath or shower at least once a day.
• Avoid sweating excessively by keeping cool with fan or air conditioner.
• Wipe yourself dry, if a bath or shower is not possible. Don’t leave perspiration on the body for long periods.
• Wear light clothing. Avoid fabrics that trap heat and moisture.
• Change your clothes, especially your underwear regularly.
• Avoid eating spicy foods.

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What to do

• Use antiseptic/antibacterial soap or bathing gel.
• Take frequent baths or showers, especially after sweating.
• Dry your armpits before applying deodorant or antiperspirant .
• Use talcum powder on body creases, to keep the skin dry.
• If body odor still continue, consult a dermatologist.

With proper hygiene, body odor is usually easy to prevent. Now you can raise you hands up as high as you want.

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