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Easy Steps to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers

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Once your child enters adolescence, they will experience several hormonal changes to their body. Since it is here where the growth phase happens, you will need to pay attention to their overall fitness. The problem with teens is that they aren’t that physically active since they tend to hang out with their friends in the malls, at home watching TV, or just hooked to their gadgets from morning till night. Becoming overweight can be frustrating for your teen which is why you should take steps to intervene. Here are a few easy steps for you to suggest to your teen to shed weight.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals may sound like a logical move when your teen is trying to lose weight, but this can cause your teen’s blood sugar levels to go up to the point that they will be craving for something to help regulate their blood sugar. This can lead them to gorging on sweets and such which can be detrimental to their weight loss goals. A better option would be to ensure that your teen break down their meals to 3 to 5 smaller ones so that their metabolism will be running smoothly.

Water up

Another tip for teens to start losing weight is to water up. Aside from water being practically free, it can stop your teen’s cravings, keep them hydrated, and makes them lose weight too. Let your teen drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day as much as possible. You can also add lemons to your drink to help with the detoxing process.

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Low carb diets are not recommended

Teens can be quite conscious about the way they look but if you think that letting them follow a low carb diet is going to do them a lot of good, the answer is no. The problem with this type of low carb diet is that your body is being deprived of essential nutrients that are vital to their growth. If you want to help your child lose weight, you will need to think about your options carefully.


Another thing that can help teens shed weight is to go for walks. Most teens prefer the solitude of their bedroom, talking to their friends, or playing games. This sedentary lifestyle can affect their health too, thus causing their weight to go up. This can be a problem since image is everything to them. If you are going to help your teen to lose weight, you should encourage them to go out for walks. Even 10 minutes’ worth can make a huge difference to their health, plus, you can make it as a way to bond with one another.

Skip the fad diets

Fad diets number in the dozen, and if your teen thinks that they will be able to lose weight in just a few days, they will not. Not only do these fad diets don’t work, but they can also cause harm to your teens. If you are going to encourage your child to follow a diet, a better option would be to offer them a well-balanced meal instead. This is considerably better since you will be providing your teen with nutrients that they need.

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Losing weight is not that easy to do, but for teens, the desire to look physically fit is probably on top of their list. Fortunately, as a parent, you will be able to guide your teen in this awkward phase. With the steps mentioned above, you can help your teen achieve their desired weight safely.

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