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Things to Avoid If You Have Athlete’s Foot

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Athlete’s foot is a kind of infection that won’t jeopardize your life. But despite of this, it’s something that can keep you from having a normal life! Luckily, athlete’s foot can be easily remedied at home. There are also certain activities that you should quit doing in order to attain healing ASAP.

So other than applying the lotion, ointment or cream recommended by your doctor, make sure that you avoid doing the following things to keep athlete’s foot from bugging you:

Walking Barefoot in Public

No matter if you are taking a shower at the gym or walking around the public swimming pool, always wear a pair of flip-flops. Walking barefoot is a no-no as it can cause you to pick up or spread athlete’s foot.

Yes, athlete’s foot is a highly contagious foot infection — it’s something that can easily spread from one person to the other. If you have athlete’s foot and you care, stop spreading your fungi by putting on flip-flops. You should do the same if you have no athlete’s foot and not planning on having it.

Putting on the Same Shoes Everyday

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you love wearing each and every day? Don’t, if you want to put an end to that bout of athlete’s foot anytime soon! That’s because sweat that has collected in your favorite shoes can harbor fungi. Wear a different pair of shoes as you allow the other pair to dry very well.

When shopping for shoes, consider opting for those that allow proper ventilation. By keeping your feet from overheating, it becomes so much easier to heal athlete’s foot or prevent it from striking.

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Wearing a Dirty Pair of Socks

Donning a dry pair of shoes is pointless if your socks are dirty! See to it that every pair of socks you wear is clean if you want that fungal infection affecting your feet to go away in no time.

According to experts, the best pair of socks to go for is something out of cotton. It’s for the fact that cotton permits air to pass through, helping to keep your feet from sweating a lot. Also, cotton socks absorb sweat very efficiently, keeping sweat out of your feet — the fungus responsible for athlete’s foot love moist parts of the body!

Skipping Dusting Some Talcum Powder

One of the best ways to put your bout of athlete’s foot to an end is by keeping your feet dry, most especially the areas between the toes. Such can be done rather quite easily by dusting your feet with talcum powder after thoroughly cleaning and drying them, just before you put on your socks and shoes.

Aside from talcum powder, you may also opt for baking soda. Baking soda is very good at keeping your feet dry, and it also has antimicrobial properties that can keep the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot from multiplying.

Eating Unhealthy Foods

Last but not least, you should also monitor what you put in your mouth if you have athlete’s foot or are prone to having it. Having a strong immune system can help the body in dealing with the fungal infection.

Make sure that you include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. It’s a good idea for you to eat lots of foods containing immune-boosting vitamin C. Limit your intake of processed as well as sugary foods because they can cause inflammation that can greatly weaken your immune system.

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