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Chemicals You Shouldn’t Put On Your Face

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The problem with skin care products that we use everyday is that they are riddled with chemicals that are actually harmful to us when used regularly. The problem is that most of us don’t really read the labels hence we end up suffering from acne breakouts, irritation, and inflammation. This is troublesome indeed especially when your skin becomes raw and red. Well, it is high time that we start paying attention to what we are applying on our skin, especially on our face, so that we will be able to spare ourselves us from the horrors that chemically laden products can do to us. Here is a list of chemicals that you should stay away from as much as possible.


This product is often used to preserve products but there are recent studies that showed that this ingredient can actually cause cancer. When the body has absorbed the parabens it can actually cause problems in the endocrine system. This can trigger allergic reactions as well as skin rashes. This can even cause fertility problems.


Unfortunately, this ingredient has been incorporated in many skin care products like in antiperspirants. Although studies have shown that this ingredient has no link to Alzheimer’s disease, it can still cause brain disorders and even breast cancer for that matter. Aluminum is a type of neurotoxin that can trigger irritation in the skin and even cause disruption in the endocrine system.

Mineral Oil

Some lotions contain mineral oil in them but if you think that this is safe to use on your body, think again. Mineral oil is basically a petroleum-based ingredient that can actually trap toxins in the body. Just imagine applying skin care products that have this ingredient. You are practically suffocating your skin! And with plenty of toxins in your body, you are actually speeding up aging.

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Another chemical that you should stay away from is dioxins. These are often referred to as environmental pollutants but are being used in many skin care products. Unfortunately, these act as endocrine disruptors which can also lead to toxicity and cancer too.


The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has already labeled triclosan as pesticide and this is exactly what you should avoid as much as possible. Research showed that this ingredient can also trigger cancer when absorbed in the skin in large doses. It can affect fertility and sexual function. If you see this ingredient in your skin care product, make sure that you look for other products instead.


Para-aminobenzoic acid may not be seen in skin care products all the time but they can easily be integrated into sun protection products. Applying skin care products that contain this ingredient can actually cause allergic reactions in some users.

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