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Unique Nail Art Ideas Perfect for Weddings

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Weddings are not just about the dress that you are going to wear, the bouquet that you will be bringing with you, or even the outfits of your entourage. It is also about looking amazing from your head all the way to your nails. Yes, your nails are very much part of your overall look which is why you shouldn’t forget to include them in your list of things to do before your big day is here. So if you are looking for ideas on how to dress up your nails on your wedding, here are a few ideas you might want to consider.

Pearls and lace

Elegance is what this nail art design is all about. Fairy tale weddings that make you feel like a princess will be extra special by adding some pearls and lace on your nails. Paint your nails in nude or your favorite pastel color. Allow the paint to dry. Get a lace cloth with intricate designs and place over one nail on each hand. Paint over it using white nail polish then allow to dry. Apply top coat afterwards to seal in the color then, when it is halfway dry, place some pearls on the base of your nails.

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Another nail art idea that you will love on your nails on your wedding day is orchids. After you apply your base coat, coat your nails in white polish. You can add another layer of white if you like. Now look for an orchid nail art that is one continuous look from one nail to the next. This gives your nails a more interesting design especially when your fingers are together. Complete your nail art with a top coat.

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If you want to opt for something simple but one that will catch the eyes, the filigree nail art is worth considering. The best thing about this nail art is that you don’t have to apply it on all of your nails but rather one nail only on each hand, or just one hand, whichever you prefer. Coat your nails with your choice of nail polish, but don’t forget to apply your base coat first, then allow to dry. Cover with top coat afterwards then, once your nail polish has dried, apply the filigree on one nail and wait for it to stick properly.

Sparkling stripes

If you want to wear a nail art that is simple but one that will capture everyone’s attention then geometric designs are for you. In this nail art, you should start with nude pink as the base for your nails then, once the polish has dried, apply a single strip of gold starting on the base of your nails all the way to the edge, right in the middle of your fingernails. You can mix and match it with your gold or even rose gold jewelry on your wedding day.

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Stripes for fun

It’s nice to add a touch of levity on your wedding day if you are that kind of gal so show off those nails by adding some horizontal silver lines on your white nail polish. Apply it on just one nail with the rest painted a combination of silver and white. A mixture of elegance and fun hasn’t been this good for sure.

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These are just a few wedding day nail art designs that are worth trying out if ever you want to add a touch of elegance and fun on your nails. These will work nicely on different nail polish so do try them out for size.

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