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Healthy Diet Rules for Dogs

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We all know that at some point in our lives, we’ll fall in love, get
married, have kids, and build a family. Well, maybe not all of us, but you know what I mean. Until such time that the planets align and makes all of these things possible, we divert our attention to
our four-legged, furry, playful friends and treat them as our
offspring. Admit it: you carried your pup around the house while singing lullabies in a desperate attempt to put them to sleep.

I am the proud owner of a nine year old miniature pinscher and she has been the only constant thing in my life. She’s been there
for me for the past nine years and I’m grateful that I’m her “human”. For the past few years I’ve changed addresses and zip codes, resigned and applied for jobs, had various boyfriends, insane changes in hair color, and she was there to witness everything. She loves me nonetheless.

Just recently, she began to have muscle spasms and health problems with her back. It was hard to see her in pain so I immediately looked for articles that contained natural solutions
to help her recover. Just like food has a huge effect on our
body’s health, a dog’s diet is crucial to their health as well.

After consulting experts and reading articles online, I came
up with a list of healthy foods that you can start giving your dog.
Here’s my top six:

1.Lean Meat:

Fish and chicken are examples of lean meat and they are an
excellent source of amino acids and B vitamins. These elements will help keep your dog healthy and give him/her an instant energy boost. It is highly recommended that you feed your dogs
at least 2% of their body weight every day. For example, if your
dog weights fifty pounds, the food should be one pound per day.
The lean meat should contain no more than 10% fat (unless your dog takes long walks daily). Prepare the meat before giving it to
your dogs. Remove the skin from the poultry and cut off
the fatty parts. Dark meat poultry is a better option compared
to the breast part of the chicken, unless your dog requires a low-
fat diet.

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2. Eggs:

If your dog is a picky eater and is rapidly using weight, eggs
just might solve your problem. Eggs contain protein that is perfect for your dogs. It also has a positive effect on your dog’s skin coat, leaving it nourished and shiny. If you have small
dogs,don’t give them one whole egg per day. Bigger dogs
(over 20 pounds) however, can have one whole egg.

3. Oatmeal:

You can use oatmeal as a substitute if your dog is allergic
to wheat. Oatmeal contains fiber that can improve the condition
of your dog’s digestive tract–this is very beneficial to older dogs.
Ensure that the oatmeal is properly cooked but let it cool down
before serving it to your pet. He or she might not eat it if it’s
too hot! Also, refrain from adding salt or sugar. Only serve plain oatmeal.

4. Pears:

You can give this as a snack or a tasty treat for your pup.
It contains high levels of fiber and contains vitamins, folic acid and potassium. You can let your dog snack on two pear cubes
at a time but remove the seeds and the pit because these can harm you dog. Apples, blueberries, banana, watermelon, and
cantaloupe are also fruits that you can give your pet.


This can help prevent bad breath (which will eventually happen as
your dog gets older). Parsley contains antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, potassium and beta carotene which your dog can benefit from. Chop up some fresh parsley and add it to your dog’s food. It will improve not just the food’s taste, but your dog’s health,

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6.Coconut oil:

This contains lauric acid that can help remove pathogenic
bacteria and prevents infection. It also contains saturated fat that improves your dog’s digestive system and improves your dog’s coat. You can give a teaspoon of coconut oil per day for large
dogs and for small dogs or puppies, ¼ teaspoon should be enough. Once your dog’s body adjusts to the taste, you can start
adding one teaspoon per ten pounds of body weight daily (for example, one tablespoon per thirty pounds).

Adding these top six foods to your dog’s diet will not only keep them happy, it will also keep them healthy. Each dog is different so before introducing new food to their diet, consult your veterinarian. This is very important because your dog might have special dietary needs that need to be considered before giving them anything new. Share this article to your dog loving friends!

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