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Helpful Management Tips for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Having problems with your hands? Do you feel numb, weak and a sign of tingling in your hands? Then you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. This usually happens due to the pressure of the median nerve of your wrist. This nerve is in charge of controlling sensations in our fingers and is also responsible for the movement of our fingers. When this nerve gets irritated, usually due to pressure the result Is carpal tunnel syndrome. Although not painful in nature, it will cause a massive discomfort for those who are experiencing it. If along the line it does get painful then you should immediately go see a doctor, because this might mean that it is not carpal tunnel syndrome anymore but something more severe.

Common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome

Anything that involves pressure on the median nerve can be linked to carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes this syndrome can be passed down from generation to generation, meaning to say it could be hereditary. There are some common illnesses that have been linked to this syndrome and here are some of them:


Constant pressure on the fingers or arm can be linked to carpal tunnel syndrome. Most people who spend their time on computers have a high risk of getting this. Usually people like writers and analysts who are always typing are the common targets for this. Based from the description above, this usually occurs from
repeated stress. You probably will not have this if you started being a writer, basically if you keep on exerting too much stress on the same part of your hand, then that’s when this problem occurs.

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Treating carpal tunnel syndrome

There are several ways one can go about getting rid of this problem, given that you’ve already contacted it. The most intense of the treatments would be to go for surgery. Basically if you can’t stand the discomfort anymore and it is not allowing you to perform your everyday duties, then you might want to consider
getting surgery and having It fixed. The most common method of surgery is basically to split open the wrist and cutting the ligament to help enlarge the tunnel. For faster recovery one can always look to get endoscopic surgery. This allows the patient to recover fully and promotes less postoperative discomfort.

However, if you would not want to go under the needle. There is other ways you can go about this problem. Several medications can be taken to ease the pain and the swelling. Anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and nonprescription pain killers can help curb the problem, but it is known to be temporal. If you are already diagnosed with this, then your best bet is to have surgery done to rid yourself of it. Most people who have dis disorder, encounter it due to their work. Matter of fact they are so engulfed in their jobs that they sometimes do not realize that they are harming themselves. They keep pushing that nerve till its breaking point, hence why surgery is the best bet, because if it is just medication
the person will go back to doing the same thing and the problem will continue to persist.

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Preventing carpal tunnel syndrome

As mentioned earlier the cause of this syndrome is linked to repetitive stress on a particular part of our hands. If you’re the type of person wherein their jobs consist on using the hands, then you should consider taking breaks in between work.
This will allow the pressure to lessen on that area promoting proper blood circulation. The idea is to allow the nerve recover from the stress it has gone through.

An alternative therapy can be useful to combat this syndrome, knowing how expensive surgeries could be. One would want to weigh out their options prior to proceeding with the process. Physical therapy can help the person reduce the swelling and stiffness. Not everyone needs surgery and at the same time not
everyone needs therapy. Some of the victims might just require therapy if the case is mild in nature. However, if It is proven to be very complicated you might need all three methods. Which is, medication prior to surgery, surgical procedure and therapy after the surgery.

It is not advised to go back to your habits once the problem has been treated. You should listen to your doctor and find ways to ease the pressure and stress from your hands. Maybe consider another line of work or reposition the way you approach your work. Surgery isn’t cheap and neither is medication. Not everyone
has the luxury of money to go to the hospital for surgery. If you happen to go through surgery it is advised to follow up on a regular basis and keep your doctors informed in regards to progress or retrogression.

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