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Why You Should Grow Your Pubic Hair

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To grow or not to grow? It is the most question that most of you probably asked yourselves. Most especially these days, when most of you are going bald or doing everything to remove your pubic hair.

What use could pubic hair serves us? There have been theories to its existence and the purpose it serves.

Let’s find out some of these theories…

1. Protects from Bacteria

It keeps dirt and unwanted particles from entering your private parts. When shaving, open pores or tiny cuts make you more prone to bacterial infiltration. Pubic hair serve a protective function same as what brows and lashes do for the eyes and cilia do for the nose.

2. Mate-attracting Pheromones

In theory, pubic hair serves as your literal mate attraction thing. Pheromones within unconsciously invite and excite your potential mates. This is because the apocrine sweat glands that are concentrated in your private parts and armpits become stimulated during high emotional duress, such as sexual stimulation and that’s where the pheromones come from.

3. Acts as Protective Layer

Growing your pubic hair helps in preventing injury and skin abrasion most especially during sexual intercourse. It also acts as a protection between your clothing and delicate skin. In other words your pubic hair acts as a protective layer and reduces friction.

Now that you know some of the reasons to grow your pubic hair, its still up to you if you want to remove it or not.

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