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Make Tired Eyes Look Better with These Steps

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There are times when we aren’t up to our usual buoyant selves even though we had our usual morning coffee. You’ve probably looked in the mirror and saw how tired you look, a true reflection of another late night of partying hard or working on a deadline. Although we can easily let this slide on some occassions, there are those days when we just can’t afford looking as if we’ve been beaten down by life itself. For this, you can turn to makeup to create the illusion that you are still wide eyed and raring to get things done.

How can you use makeup to your advantage on those days when your eyes look as if they want to close already? Here are a few tips for you to start with.

Apply concealer on affected areas. One of the reasons why our eyes look dead tired is because of the dark circles under our eyes. Those black and blue veins that appear puffy can really make you look weary. A good trick to help you out is to apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone on this specific area. Apply concealer using a brush on the areas under your eyes then smudge it evenly to make it more natural. You can also apply concealer in the shape of an inverted triangle below your eyes so that it will look more natural once you spread the makeup evenly.

Set your concealer. Once you have applied your concealer, the next step would be to prevent it from running. You can do this by setting it with some setting powder so that it will remain intact throughout the day.

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Use highlighter. Dull skin is also another sign that you are tired so why not use a highlighter to show that you’re still bright and bushy-eyed? Highlighters are best applied on areas that appear dull such as under your eyes, your chin, and across your cheekbones. This will give your face a more dewey looking skin that will convince other people that you’re full of energy.

Go neutral. When choosing an eyeshadow, look for a neutral color as this will make your tired eyes look less haggard. Opting for darker shades can put more emphasis on your eyes and will make them appear exhausted which is what you are trying to avoid.

Try illuminating concealer. On those days when you’re in a hurry but would like to hide any signs of a late night out, look for an illuminating concealer as it combines the effects of a highlighter and concealer in one tube. Simply apply it on problem areas, smooth it out, and you’re ready to go.

Use a gel liner. To make your eyes look big and bright, apply some gel liner in the darkest shade of your palette on your upper eyelids and some on your lower lids too but only lightly as you don’t want to make yourself look like a raccoon. Set it with some setting powder to prevent your gel liner from running later in the day.

White pencil works. Another simple trick that makes your eyes look bright and big is a white pencil. Apply some on the inner corners of your eyes and it will automatically make your eyes bigger than usual. This is perfect if you turned in late the previous night.

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Curl lashes. Try curling your lashes before applying a bit of bright mascara to make your eyes pop. For sure, you’ll give the impression that you’re completely awake even though you didn’t get enough sleep last night.

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