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Face Slimming Tricks that You Have to Try

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Are you carrying a bit of fat on your face? Those chubby cheeks may make your face a bit big but did you know you can actually make your face look slim with a few makeup tricks? Yes, popular actors make use of face slimming techniques from time to time to create the illusion that their face is not round.

You too can take advantage of these tricks because some of them are written below.

Use a contour color. When it comes to making your face appear slim, you will need to use a contour color as well as highlighter. The concept to follow here is pretty simple. Keep in mind that dark colors create the illusion of receding while lighter shades bring your face forward. If you are going to use a contour color choose a shade that is two times darker than your skin tone. On the other hand, your highlighter should be at least one shade lighter than your skin tone. Make sure that you blend the contour power properly for a smooth look.

Add volume to your hair. Another trick to making your face look slimmer is by adding more volume to your hair. Although sleek, straight hair is going to make you look classy and stylish, it will make your face appear bigger in the process. Voluminous hair can make your face appear slim.

Contour down the sides of your nose. If you want to make your nose appear slim, the best thing to do is to contour down the sides of your nose. Just swipe the contouring powder down your nose and stop before you reach your nostrils. Blend the powder down your nose vertically to create a slimmer nose.

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Cat eye does work. Cat eyes may be your go to eye makeup when going out with friends but don’t forget that this trick can actually make your eyes appear slimmer. The cat eye actually draws the attention to the corners of your eyes which makes your face look triangular in shape and less round.

Pay attention to your eyebrow shape. You should also pay attention to the shape of your eyebrow as this can help slim down your face. Contour your eyebrows to a high arch and it will draw your eyes upward to make your face longer rather than rounder.

Grow out your bangs. If you made the unfortunate decision to get straight, blunt bangs, you’re probably regretting it now especially when people are commenting on how round your face is. Fortunately, growing out your bangs can help solve this problem as well as choosing a face-framing bangs to soften the roundness of your face especially when you let them fall around your chin.

Accessories work. Long, and dangly accessories can also help make your face look slimmer. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones to use like earrings and necklaces. Take note that long and dangly earrings can help lengthen your face while long necklaces make your neck appear longer thus reducing the appearance of your round face. It’s going to be a hit and miss if you are not really into wearing accessories but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s worth it. 

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These are just a few examples of face slimming tricks that will work wonders in reducing the roundness of your face. Applying makeup the right way is guaranteed to make your face appear slimmer while choosing the right hairstyle and eyebrow contour will go a long way in elongating your face.

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