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Incredible Benefits of Blood Orange Essential Oil

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No, blood orange essential oil is not red in color just like the flesh of the fruit from which it comes from. That’s because this volatile oil is obtained from the skin of blood orange and not its deep red-colored flesh. Blood orange has a color that can range anywhere from pale yellow to very light orange, and its scent, as one can expect, is citrusy.

Before we tackle some of the benefits offered by blood orange essential oil, let us first take a quick look at the fruit it is obtained from because it will help us better understand why this oil is so powerful.

On the outside, blood orange looks just like a regular orange. It is when it is sliced and the flesh within is revealed when the fact that it’s not your average orange becomes very clear — the fruit segments within are deep red, just like blood. But taste-wise, blood orange tastes pretty much just like any other orange that you can get your hands on, although some people say that blood orange kind of tastes like raspberries!
Making the flesh of blood orange look like that is the presence of anthocyanins, which are plant pigments rarely found in citrus fruits. Needless to say, anthocyanins are red, purple or blue in color.

And just like other plant pigments out there, anthocyanins possess amazing antioxidant properties! Some of those anthocyanins are present in the peel, which is where blood orange essential oil comes from by means of cold pressing. Also, there are many other chemical compounds in the peel of blood orange that makes the oil obtained from it a pretty powerful stuff that’s capable of providing a number of impressive health and beauty benefits!

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So what are these benefits? Here are some of the most incredible ones:

Lifted Mood

The smell of blood orange essential oil is capable of lifting the mood. Whether used with a diffuser or a few drops of it is placed on a handkerchief or the palm of the hand, blood orange essential oil can help make that glum feeling go away.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Since it is capable of combating depression, it doesn’t really come as a surprise why blood orange essential oil is also a good fighter of both stress and anxiety. At any given time, the sunshiny aroma of blood orange essential oil can help calm both body and mind, thereby lowering the levels of stress and anxiety.

Alleviated Headache

Rather than pop a painkiller in the mouth and risk encountering some unwanted side effects, it’s a much better idea to rely on blood orange essential oil each time a headache is around. A little of it massaged on the forehead and temples can make that pesky headache go away naturally and in no time.

Controlled Bloating

A couple of drops of blood orange essential oil added to any carrier oil of choice makes for an effective remedy for excess gas, which causes abdominal bloating, when it is massaged on the belly area.

Eliminated Toxins

Blood orange essential oil possesses mild diuretic properties, which means that it is something that can encourage an increase in urine production. As a result, poisonous substances in the bloodstream can be flushed out effectively. Also, it helps in putting the blood pressure within the normal range.

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Reduced Water Weight

Due to the fact that it has diuretic properties, blood orange may be employed for quickly zapping a few unwanted pounds. However, do take note that it’s just water weight that blood orange essential oil helps eliminate, and not actual fat. Still the best way to slim down is by going for healthy foods and exercising regularly.

Improved Skin

There are a number of skin problems that can be controlled with the help of blood orange essential oil. Pimples and acne are some of them. Blood orange essential oil may also be used for fighting off skin aging signs!

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