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7 Healthy Snacks that can Ward of Anxiety

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Diet leads to so the vast majority of our diseases or health, many foods are proven to improve mood and calm anxiety levels and are delicious and nutritious. A truly healthy diet is an interesting and tasty one and the wrong choices of food can definitely lead to more stress and irritable moods.

We will discuss some examples of healthy food items and a quick review of their benefits along with pointers on what foods to avoid. It takes more than knowing how to eat but to take the effort in developing that discipline yourself is what will make you shoot for the stars. Being fit and healthy is one of the best, most accomplished feelings ever and you did it all by yourself, for yourself.

It is nearly just as important to avoid bad foods as knowing what’s good for your mind and body. Even the healthiest adults can feel ill and regretful fast with a sudden binge of mood and metabolism altering junk foods, sugar, preservative chemicals, excessive bad fats and excess in general.

Coffee, especially when black and plain is known to be healthy in regulated amounts but is touchy for people with panic attacks, for people with general anxiety coffee is usually fine and can even help. Perhaps a decaf for the coffee lovers with fragile nerves or even try green tea, or spiced black tea

Whole Grain

Whole grain may sound plain but it packs magnesium a trace chemical that helps take care of stress, anxiety, overall body system health such as the heart, bone strength and immune system buildup. Tryptophan is present and converts itself to serotonin the happiness hormone, an important neurotransmitter. They fill you up with low calories and full nutrition easing junk binges. Don’t forget your grains; it’s difficult to find this ingredient when eating out a lot of the time. Making your own wheat bread is more delicious though and gives your arms a workout.

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Just like whole grains it packs nutrients and contains a lot of magnesium, kelp and other seaweeds have a high tryptophan value too. It’s like the whole grain of the sea and great for gluten allergies or sensitivity. Try these in salads.


The plant nutrients and antioxidants in blueberries are packed and highly recommended by health experts, another well known stress reliever especially due to its rich purplish-blue pigment and unmistakable deep taste. Peaches may also belong with blueberries in the sense that they have a natural sedative effect and directly benefit the brain and nervous system.

Acai Berries

One of the newest trending super foods that are tangy and very red berry tasting like nature’s candy, sought after by many for its energizing and complete health benefits and refreshing taste. Eating more of these super foods combined with a workout regimen will fight cancer and flab!


Almonds contain zinc and iron, vital trace metals crucial for organ health and function therefore directly affects are moods when these minerals fluctuate. They contain essential oils or healthy fats which we need or else we’d wither away, all these nut proteins, fats and minerals fight fatigue and improve brain function. Nut milks are great for heavier workouts especially for vegans.


Chocolate helps us produce dopamine and is always a popular choice in self-comforting or included in romantic dates as a popular snack choice. Vegan-friendly and without the milk or sugar is an acquired intense taste has been known to fight stress down to a chemical level. It reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. Chocolate is only seen to be junk food from added ingredients and preservative, in purer forms such as cocoa beans or unsweetened powders they go great in savory stews like in beef, chicken, pork or savory sauces.

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Maca Root

Not the most well-known ingredient on this list but feel free to research for a substitute by finding a food item or group of food items with similar benefits and nutritional value. The powdered form can be found in some groceries and added to food.This is a super food proven to be very effective as an aphrodisiac as well helping in the production and function of our sex hormones, now don’t you think that’s a great stress reliever? It even assists with the formation of tissues, bones and blood clotting, metabolism boost and absorption of calcium which are usually stuck in deposits. Great for higher energy levels, believed to contain more phytonutrients than other plant sources, contains magnesium and zinc too.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And I mean water, sorry non-water fans, even if you’re healthy you have to make the effort of at least getting in 6 glasses of water a day even if you drink all natural fruit juices and other healthy beverages. Dehydration can also lead to something as alarming as a stroke so don’t forget to gulp down before going about your day or bringing a bottle with you. B vitamins, iron, zinc and magnesium are good supplements to have for the anxiety ridden as well but nothing beats a lean, mean and green diet packed with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and some exercise thrown in there.

Understand where your source of stress comes from and you can formulate a healthy diet with clarity of mind. A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy body and mind, improve yourself through better choices. Do what’s best for you, the hard way is usually the right way, you, your loved ones and your dreams will thank you for living longer and stronger.

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