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Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products

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When it comes to skincare, most of us have a specific brand in use while others rely on whatever it is available in their local drugstore. Those creams, serums, and face masks do help us keep our skin smooth and supple but what about in the long run? Are they really good for our skin? Unfortunately, there are many skincare products that contain ingredients that are doing more harm than good. The next time that you shop for skin care products, read the labels and see if the following ingredients appear.

If they do, it is better to avoid them as much as possible.

Dioxin. This ingredient won’t appear in the list of ingredients all the time but it is always present in antibacterial ingredients such as emulsifiers, triclosan, and PEGS. What makes this ingredient dangerous is that they can damage your immune sysstem leaving you prone to cancer, miscarriages, and other possible health disorders.

Formaldehyde. Another ingredient that you need to avoid as much as possible is formaldehyde. This is usually included in hair dyes, shampoos, nail products, and even fake eyelash adhesives. It is considered as a carcinogen and possible irritant that can cause harm to your skin and your overall health as well.

Benzoyl peroxide. If you are paying attention to acne skin care products, you’ll notice that this ingredient is usually present in most of these items. One reason why this is dangerous is that it can promote tumors. It can also damage cells in the process and can even be toxic when inhaled. Benzoyl peroxide is also a skin and eye irritant which is why you should be careful around using products that contain this ingredient.

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Lead. This ingredient is often used in manufacturing hair dyes and lipstick but is seldom listed in their ingredients list as it is a known carcinogen. Constant use of products that contain lead can lead to compromised immune system which can leave you exposed to various health issues.

Parabens. Butyl, propyl, methyl, and ethyl are types of parabens that are often used as preservatives and are not often included in the labels. Parabens are typically found skin care products and deodorants. Unfortunately, this ingredient is linked to breast cancer tumors, early puberty, and even hormonal problems.

Silicone-derived emollients. Another ingredient that is included in many skin care products is silicone-derived emollients. This is added to help make the product soft. However, this type of emollient is not biodegradable and can actually inhibit your skin from breathing properly. Constant use of products that have this ingredient can make your skin irritated and even cause tumor to grow.

Sunscreen chemicals. Sunscreen chemicals like avobenzone, ethoxycinnamate, and benzphenone are usually present in many sunscreen products but they are known to promote the presence of free radicals in the body which can damage the skin and compromise one’s health even. These chemicals can also cause cancer to appear as well when constantly applied on one’s skin.

Phthalates. This particular ingredient was once used in children’s toys but have been banned already. Unfortunately, it is still being used in many perfumes, lotions, fragrances, and deodorants. What makes this particular ingredient dangerous is that it is linked to cancer, damage to the lungs, kidneys, and liver, and even inhibit endocrine function. 

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These are just a few ingredients that you should stay away from when you’re looking for skincare products. They may not appear in the list of ingredients but it pays to read what other names are listed so you can do your research when you get home.


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