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7 Ways on How to Use Reiki in Your Daily Life

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Reiki is a type of Japanese ritual that aids to reduce stress and promote relaxation and healing. In this practice, you will lay your hands on yourself or someone to enhance their life force to help heal illnesses and even lower one’s stress levels.

What is great about Reiki is that it can be used any time of the day, wherever you may be, and can be done for a few minutes or an hour depending on your preferences. If you are a student of Reiki or are getting back into this practice, here are several ways in which you can integrate it into your daily life.


A good way to start your day and for you to tune in to your Reiki energy is through meditation. This method transports you into a calm state of mind where you will become more aware of the energy that is flowing in and around your body.


Another way to practice Reiki is during mealtimes where, upon holding your plate, say a little prayer such as acknowledging the nutrients that are present in your meal with ease as well as grace. This way, the energy that you will be getting from the food that you will eat will enter you in a gentle manner.


What’s great about Reiki is that you can also use it during difficult times in your relationship which can help calm the situation down and lower any tense emotions between you and the other party so that you will be able to find a solution to the problem. Sending Reiki energy through you and to your partner can help diffuse the situation so you will have a clearer picture on what you are trying to achieve in your relationship.

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Another way for you to practice Reiki is in your garden or your houseplants, even the cut flowers that you have too. Sending them energy in exchange for their continuous growth and constant blooms is a great way to reciprocate their life force. You can infuse the soil and water that you are using with the healing power of Reiki too which can produce amazing results as well.


Some parents who practice Reiki also use this technique to help their children sleep better at night. You can send a positive energy to your children by placing your hands on their back and creating a safe and supportive place where they can sleep. You can do the same to the walls to create a protective energy to ward your children from bad dreams.

Spiritual practices

For those who have other spiritual practices, you can also incorporate Reiki in your rituals so you can understand this invisible life force better and how it connects us to one another. Understanding this energy can help you become more compassionate, forgiving, thankful, and even kind as well.

Quieting your mind

Our mind is constantly active from the moment that we wake up until the time that we sleep. Sometimes, our overactive imagination can affect the quality of our sleep which can leave us prone to various illnesses. But with the help of Reiki, you can help calm the turmoil going on inside your mind by releasing everything as well as everyone that are not serving you at the moment. By quieting your mind, it will be easier for you to look for solutions to problems that are bothering you and even help you get a good night’s rest too for added energy the following day.

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