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Healthy Cravings for 2016

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With the start of the new year, people are seen trying to clean up their acts, including their diets. Most people are stoked to exercise their yearlong resolution. If your peers are anything like mine, this resolution would linger around the idea of a healthier lifestyle. The year 2015 had a very mouthwatering trend, but what does 2016 have in store for us. These are a few predictions on what the food trend of 2016 is supposedly to taste like.

-Most meals will be eaten from a bowl. With the recent spike of people wanting to eat healthy, a lot of our meals will be served through a bowl. This is due to the fact that you can literally throw in a few healthy ingredients, mix it all up and consider that a full meal. As bizarre is it may sound this is something we will be seeing a lot of in 2016. Your Instagram feed will be even more colorful because of this. It allows the consumer to literally put everything they intend to eat into one bowl.

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-GMO free. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms; this subject has been up for debate for years now. Various groups of people have condemned the food industry for allowing the using of GMO’s. Regardless of the countless debates, there are still restaurants that serve food that includes GMO’s. However, with people trying to go healthy, you’ll definitely find more people staying away from them and not vice versa.

-Also considered a super food. Sea weed has been gaining attention from all over the globe. It is seen to be part of the trends for 2016 due to its countless nutritious benefits. Packed with good fats, iodine and antioxidants, seaweed fits perfectly with the healthy lifestyle guide most people are aiming for this year.

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-A special form of green tea called Matcha has also been making its rounds around the food industry. Matcha translated as powdered tea has a long list of benefits to the human body. It contains a large number of antioxidants, it helps in boosting metabolism and burns calories. It is rich fiber and vitamins. Matcha also aids with our day to day mental activity. It helps us calm down, increases our concentration and also enhances our
mood. Some might think that it having so much health benefits might reduce its caffeine percentage. Actually on the contrary, regardless of it being very healthy for us. It is also quite rich in caffeine. Matcha is also part of the trends for 2016.

-You will be seeing a lot of bacon around this 2016. Recent studies have supposedly proved that bacon is not healthy for human consumption. Knowing that we humans usually want what we cannot have, excluding the fact that bacon is freaking delicious. Bacon is also part of the trends for 2016.

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-The amount of nutrients one can get from nut based milks usually depend on the plant source. But regardless, they are still far healthier than the regular dairy milks. Most of these products usually come unsweetened and without any artificial or alternative ingredients. Thus reinforcing that they are healthier than cow milk. For people who suffer from lactose intolerance, nut based milk is a great substitute. It gives you the same
amount of nutrients a regular milk would and at the same time it saves you from the stomach aches.

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-2016 will not just be the year for superfoods, but also for super herbs. There are quite a lot of plants that unique qualities towards the human body. They are so unique that some might even call them super powered. This special ingredient is known as adaptogens. They help your body adapt to specific needs, but moreover their most unique quality is that they fight stress. A stress fighting meal after a long day of work might just be
what the doctor ordered.

-Spicy food, anything you can put siracha on will never go out of style.Spicy food has always topped the list when talking about food, and in 2016 it will be no different.

These are a few examples of what to expect on your Instagram feed this 2016.All jokes aside, knowing that we all snap & eat. These examples are basically what we should expect in the year to come when it comes to food. You have more people trying to live healthy, hence opting for greener food. People will try
to leave the previous trends of burgers and steak with the expectation of a healthier living. Being specific with what we put in our body is key to a stress free life. Having to go to the doctor on a regular basis doesn’t only cost us money and time. It also curbs our mental health.

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