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5 Natural Aids for Bipolar Disorder, Depression or just the Classic Blues

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It seems that more and more people suffer from bipolar disorder, borderline personality, anxiety disorders and whatever else nowadays. And that may be true or not, but indeed we talk about these things more and the concept of mental disorders are not thrown away but yes using them as an excuse can get abusive and obnoxious and insulting for the true victims who suffer from disorders like these.

But whatever it is we are human and we all at least get hit by the blues or some form of mild depression that lasts at least 2-4 weeks at least once in our lives. I do not want to say half a year or more because I have met some people who are either stone cold, boring and flat or just plain happy and bubbly that it is impossible for them to be depressed for more than a week.

But fret not! Really, don’t. Just relax, always give yourself a moment to stop and think, take breathe and this way you think things out more efficiently. Stress is not an invisible force- well not really, its effects show and they can show as early as a crazy or disturbed look in the eye before stress can potentially take over one’s life. Stress is the number one cause for a lot of bad things and we won’t even admit it because we would rather blame it on something else like TV, food or some young people starting a trend instead of ourselves and our own lifestyle choices.

We are our own boss and we have to take care of our emotions too, being emotionally spoiled and emotionally abusive is a real thing and can be heartbreaking for your loved ones and for you too. I am not saying every depressed or sad person is destructive to those around them but it is still a lot better if they know you are happy.

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What better way to beat the blues than to make a little time and a little meal for yourself? Food and drink is not only the elixir of life but the best way for all people to bond and connect. When you start making meals for yourself you can be encouraged to make bigger servings for your others. Natural remedies all start with food and drink directly prepared from nature or with minimal intrusion. So here is a list of advice on natural remedies, mostly food and drink, to help ease off the blues.

1.)Start Organizing for a Rough yet Generally Followed Routine

You can make this fun, like making lists of goals and things you want to achieve and fulfill. It is a good first step and it can be difficult and quite emotional for some who have recently experienced failures, losses and other difficult episodes.

Just remember what is best for you and keep in mind that you pitying yourself without doing anything is self-inflicted pain and can become cruel. Your loved ones, your dog or some whisper of hope out there in the world will be encouraging to your progress, but most importantly when you love yourself you attract love in other people.

And what better way to meet new friends than to work on a routine, this will encourage you to become more active, possibly fit and healthy, more absorbent of new information and updated on current events. Oh and of course the exposure to the beautiful sunshine.

2.)Do Not Eat too much or too Little, Eat Light or Heavy at the Right Times

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This one should be driven by your own instincts unless you tend to forget your meals if your distracted from things like work, anxiety and worry or vice. It is a no-brainer that you should eat properly. Malnourishment and hunger is one of the leading causes of mood changes in the longer term and switching to a healthier diet and lifestyle reverses the effects of this cleanly, meaning no side effects like unnecessary, prescribed drugs that do more harm than good.

The 3 square meals a day belief is growing more and more outdated. This is the minimum number of times humans are required to eat in a day in order to keep their metabolism healthy and stable but 4-6 times a day is ideal and much lighter on the stomach. It also speeds up the metabolism especially when you drink mostly water and eliminate sugary drinks.

3.) Exercise! At Least Stretch or Run for 15 Minutes

The requirement is 20 minutes of exercise a day or you could switch it up to 45 minutes every other day with some stretching in between activities for the busy, busy bees. But what is really ideal is 40 minutes up to an hour and a half of an all around workout that includes toning, cardio and whole body stretching. If we lived more like this, we will give the drug companies a run for their money!

Exercise heats up your body like crazy and even makes you lose more weight, burning more calories hours after a workout depending on intensity. The adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and all the toxins exiting sounds better than a shady pill.

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4.) Find a Relatively Relaxing Job that Hones to your Natural Skills And if you are shy you can just work at home. In fat I encourage you to work at home first unless you are totally fine with going out of your way to be on time every day and meet the same people whether you like them or not, but we are all built differently. And when one starts their passion from the safety of their own home they can let it grow and make the belief stronger as their ideas manifest more and more.

Be creative, find something you like to do or would like to try that is within your survivable budget. Go ahead and be a little crazy.

5.) Smile More

At least to people you think are deserving. Smiling sends signals to your brain that makes you feel happier and it is just much nicer to see on any face.

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