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4 Easy Ways to Beat your Sensitive Gums and Teeth

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This common yet peeving condition affects most people at least once in their lives. Here we will give out tips and pieces of advice on home remedies to rid of this condition once and for all. But do remember that you are probably doing something wrong if the sensitive mouth is not coming from another ailment that is far graver. You could be malnourished, that is one possibility for nothing can thin out tissue like lack of nutrients. You could also be brushing too hard- please kick off that habit. Scrubbing your enamel thin is not the smartest way to clean your teeth. It is actually better to slightly underbrush then to slightly over brush unless your mouth has a solid layer of food bacteria.

Sensitive teeth can also be contributed by plaque buildup. This buildup means you do not brush your teeth frequently enough or you are using the brush weakly. You do not need a lot of toothpaste but you need to brush at least twice a day with a pea-sized amount or even slightly less. Plaque is a sign of a dirtier mouth and more bacteria makes the gums more prone to wounds and infections.

Here a no-nonsense ways to not let this condition take over your life!

1.)Use the right toothbrush and brush right! You may have to think about replacing your toothbrush because it could be old, bacteria-infested, misshapen and rough and/or is not the right texture and size. It is very important that you as a responsible adult know what kind of toothbrush to purchase for yourself. First off go for bristles that won’t harm your gums too much like the hard ones, but the soft ones can be too soft- for kids or fragile girls. Medium bristles are usually the way to go and perfect for almost everybody.

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Also make sure the brush head is the right size for your mouth, the toothbrush head should not be too small because you won’t clean as well and it shouldn’t be too big because you can spread wounds all over your gums. Make sure you do not brush too hard like you are removing blood stains from a crime scene. Start off brushing gently then a bit more hard so that your gums could adapt.

2.)Use the right toothpaste too. As a lot of you may know or have realized- commercial, fluoride-rich toothpaste is just not good for you. So what if organic toothpaste is more expensive? It is not that far off, it is still the practical, right choice. Commercial toothpaste has so many unnecessary ingredients and fluoride is even proven to calcify certain parts of the brain. What does calcify mean? It make hard, calcium deposits around tissue. Isn’t that scary when I tell you that fluoride affects the brain and even calcifies the pituitary gland.

Organic toothpaste tastes better and does not have that chemical sting that really hurts in commercial toothpastes. You only need to use a pea-size but before you brush a good tip is to place a bit of this wonderful organic toothpaste on your finger tips and gently massage your gums for a minute or less even. This small amount of time in which you exert effort to massage and soothe your gums with this paste will decrease the chances of bleeding so much! It all makes the brushing experience so much more soothing and effective.

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3.)Improve your diet and ease off the sugary and acidic foods. But especially the sugary foods. In a world where everyone complains about drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, dancing and high heels one should admit that sugar is something to judge too. It is one of the sneakiest poisons in the world with many people convincing themselves that eating so many donuts and rice-meat combos in one day won’t hurt them just yet. But a clean diet shows its results right away and a bit of discipline truly goes a long way. Sugar is addictive okay, so stopping it for a while will only hurt for a while. Go for substitutes like fruit, yogurt and your favorite fruits and oats. A cleansing and balanced diet make stronger bones and teeth therefore curing the sensitivity over time. Fix your diet if you have to because acidic saliva softens damaged enamel even further.

4.)Make a tea out of your favorite spices then gargle a more concentrated version of it if you like. Tea is fantastic for expelling antioxidants in your system and neutralizing acidity. A mix of well-steeped tea and spices make a tastier mouthwash that is not unsafe to swallow on accident. You can also opt for a classic, plain and strong green tea or a black tea with cloves, cinnamon and vanilla like chai tea. Cardamom is good in tea too, it is great in coffee as well but the acidity in coffee may affect your teeth. Other aromatics like star anise or the humble, healing ginger are great options too and you can mix and match with citrus, berries, spices and herbs.

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Remember not too brush too hard and to use the right brushing equipment as well. Besides bad brushing habits your diet could be lacking in nutrients which thin out hair, nails, skin and teeth and bone pretty easily.

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