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Summer Nail Art Ideas to Try Out

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Summer is in the air, and people are starting to ready themselves for weekends spent on the beach, getting tanned, and trying out their favorite watersports. This means that swimwear will be flying off the shelf and nail art will be in demand again. After all, what better way to show off that you are ready for the sun, sand, and sea than painting your nails with the hottest nail art there is?

If you are looking for nail art ideas that you can dress your nails with this summer, here are a few examples of summer nail art that you can pair with your outfit.


Nothing says summer than pineapples, as this juicy summer fruit is guaranteed to pop out of your nails. Paint your nails with a yellow base color, then use brown nail polish to draw a crisscross pattern to take the shape of the pineapple, add the dots or eyes, then add a bit of white to make the lines pop out even more. Paint some green near the nail bed for the leaves of the fruit and that’s it!

Striking purple

Block colors will never go out of style, and because summer is all about pops of color, using a striking purple nail polish is guaranteed to complement your beach outfit. Choose contrasting colors to really get into the groove of the summer season.

Jelly fruit tips

Another summer nail art idea that you can also do is to paint your nails with all of your favorite jelly candies. Think orange slices, raspberries, watermelon slices, and the like. Paint each nail with a different jelly fruit and you will not be able to help but watch your nails as you type on your keyboard.

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Summer flowers

Capture the summer vibe by painting your nails with flowers that are in season such as sunflowers, daisies, and whatnot. Choose a clear nail polish to make the flowers pop out. You can always change the base color if you don’t want a clear nail polish. White and black may work if you like. Just make sure that the flowers will be easily spotted.


If you want to create a subtle look with your nails, going minimalist is highly recommended. Just choose a pale colored base then draw vertical or horizontal lines in different lengths. This won’t take up too much time but still making your nails fashionable for the summer.

Canary yellow

Yellow may be seldom used when it comes to nail polish, but why not channel the brightness of the sun on your nails by choosing canary yellow? This bright yellow is sure to boost your confidence when you see it on your nails.

Tie dye

Tie dyed tops are sure to be cropping up in the summer, as this hippie look just suits the casual vibe of soaking up the sun. So, why not use this design on your nails too? With a fine a nail brush and loads of colors, you can make your tie dye nails in no time. You don’t even have to be precise with your application because this adds to the whole groovy look.

Beach waves

Paint your nails with white first, then mix some white and blue in a sponge. Dab the colors on your dried nails to create gradients then allow to dry. Get a white nail polish and create streaks on your nails for waves.

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Who said that your summer nail art is going to be boring? These ideas are guaranteed to be drawing the eyes in no time.

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