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Ayurvedic Rituals for Self-Care

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Most of us don’t really have a self-care routine in place what with our busy schedules that we just want to get through the day. Unfortunately, without self-care, we put ourselves at risk of fatigue, stress, and other mental, emotional, and physical problems just to name a few. Self-care is all about helping you maintain your health on a daily basis. Ask yourself this, how can you perform well, or even have time for your loved ones, when you don’t have anything left in you?

In Ayurveda, the main goal is to be able to maintain your overall health, hence the use of self-care rituals to promote better well-being. Fortunately, these routines or rituals are not that hard to practice. If you want to start living healthier, these Ayurvedic rituals may be a good start for you.

Get up earlier

Teaching your body to sync in time with nature is one of the most important things in Ayurveda. That said, one way to practice this is to get up earlier in the day. Waking up ahead of the others allow you time to do your self-care rituals, from meditating, to taking a shower, or even do yoga.

Oil pulling

Another ritual that is typically used in Ayurveda is oil pulling. This ritual actually helps you in maintaining your oral health. As the name suggests, you will be swishing oil around your mouth and between your teeth to get its full benefits. Among the benefits of doing oil pulling include fight bad breath, prevent formation of cavities, and strengthening gums and teeth.

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Try ghee

Also referred to as clarified butter, ghee doesn’t contain any milk residue, so there is no need to store it in the fridge. What’s great about ghee is that it has a high smoke point which is higher than that of coconut oil, making it useful in cooking. Aside from that, ghee contains plenty of omega-3s and vitamins that can help reduce inflammation, enhance immune system, boost eye health, and lower your cholesterol levels just to name a few.

Eat in silence

What other self-care rituals are done in Ayurveda? Eating in silence is one ritual that we can adopt in our busy lives as it helps us become aware of what we are eating, how our digestion works, and even prevents us from eating more than is necessary. Eating without talking to others, or having breakfast alone, can help you get in tune with your body.

Perform sun salutations

Sun salutation in yoga is one of the best ways for you to stretch your body in the morning, but this doesn’t mean that it is limited for your morning workout only. As a matter of fact, you can do this any time of the day. There are 12 poses that complete the sun salutation which helps increase the amount of energy flowing in your body, while boosting your strength and enhancing your flexibility too.


What other Ayurveda self-care rituals should you perform? Well, meditating should be part of your self-care routine as this is where you train your mind to let go of all the negative and confusing thoughts in your mind. Meditation can be done in 10 minutes wherever you may be. It’s all about finding a quiet place where you can meditate in silence as you empty your mind of thoughts and focusing instead in your breathing.

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Self-care is a necessary practice that we should incorporate into our days if we wish to stay healthy. Something as simple as doing deep breathing can make us feel a lot better. Just imagine what doing self-care rituals can do to you in the long run.

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