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Home Remedies for Redness of Acne and Acne Scars

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One of the worst things about acne and the scars they tend to leave behind is that they can be spotted easily by everyone as they tend to be bright red.

You can always apply a very thick layer of makeup to make the problem go away. However, do take note that makeup can cause the pores to get clogged and inflamed — this is how acne comes into being in the first place.

So it’s clear that using inches and inches of makeup is not the solution.

Does this mean that you have no choice but to simply allow everyone to see those red-colored acne and acne scars of yours for the sake of keeping breakouts at bay? Not really, say those who are into home remedies or DIY solutions for various beauty issues — there are plenty of things that you may try to considerably reduce that redness.

If you want to learn some of the best ones, keep on reading. And don’t forget to repost this article later on so that your family members and friends who are bugged by acne and acne scars, too, may be able to give the following a try:

Eye Drops

It’s a wonderful idea for you to always stash in your bag or wallet an eye drop, in particular the kind that’s designed to get rid of eye redness.

The reason why eye drops eliminate eye redness is this: it causes the blood vessels of your eyeballs to constrict. It’s for the same reason why applying it on acne and acne scars can considerably reduce redness for several minutes.

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An Ice Cube

There’s an alternative to an eye drop that you may count on each time you are about to take a selfie and you don’t want to use several different filters all at once, and that’s none other than an ice cube.

Gently press an ice cube on the red-colored problem area for a couple of seconds. Just make sure that you don’t leave an ice cube pressed against an acne or acne scar for several minutes as it can do more harm than good.


Every beauty-conscious woman knows that cucumber slices are great for making eye puffiness go away. Did you know that they can also reduce redness of acne as well as the pesky scars they usually leave behind?

To make those blemishes look less noticeable, simply put slices of cucumber on them for a few seconds. The best cucumber slices for the job are those that have just been chilling in the fridge.

Witch Hazel

There’s another all-natural beauty agent that you may count on if your acne and acne scars are red, and that’s witch hazel. It works because it has astringent properties — it can shrink the blood vessels and other tissues of the body.

It’s for such reason exactly why witch hazel can be used for dealing with so many everyday cosmetic nightmares. Some examples of them include large pores and excessive oil.


Are you allergic to aspirin? If not, feel free to give this pain relieving drug a try — it can help get rid of the redness of acne and also acne scars. That’s because aspirin helps reduce inflammation, thus eliminating redness.

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No you’re not supposed to pop an aspirin in your mouth. Pulverize 1 to 2 aspirin tablets and then add a drop of water or two to it. Apply the resulting paste on red-colored areas. Rinse off with water as soon as the paste dries.


Worry not if you’re allergic to aspirin because there’s something else that you may rely on: oatmeal. Yes, this healthy food that’s good for beating constipation, obesity and heart disease can also make red acne and acne scars go away.

Simply allow a tablespoon of cooked oatmeal to cool to room temperature. Afterwards, daub on affected areas of your face. Allow 10 minutes to pass before rinsing off with lukewarm water thoroughly.

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