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‘Mystery’ Ailments? Burning Sensation, Aches and/or Discomfort ? Check your General Health!

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Mysterious aches, discomforts and other seemingly not so right sensations can drive you nuts even if you fool yourself into thinking they are just petty.  But in truth people are not suppose to feel such obnoxious or at times painful sensations in random places of our very person.  We must be mindful of our habits, our routine, what we do or do not do, what we put in our mouth, is our lifestyle not substantial or healthy enough?

How come really healthy people who do not overwork out or over diet seem so free and can easily pinpoint what is wrong with them?  It is because they listen to their bodies and bother do something about it right away rather than wallow and eat a pack of cookies.  Yes, I see you.

  Things like foot aches, headaches, ear aches, hand aches, gut aches and more only remain a petty mystery if one is not aware of their body or chooses not to be.  Going to a doctor may just tell you that you got certain symptoms for this kind of condition all laced up with fancy medical terms.  But in reality they are probably just common conditions that are easily fixable with a lifestyle change not introduction to potentially harmful prescriptions.

  Usually if you easily get headaches, foot aches and such that means you have gaps to fill in your general health meter.  I honestly think it is quite ignorant or rather dumb to go for prescription pills right away, yes I think natural and organic is the way to go down to the supplements we take.

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Here are the main, probable reasons you get these body aches that get in the way of life:

  1. You are not drinking enough water.

I swear modern man misses out on common sense when one becomes so comfortable with a convenient, sedentary life between tight walls, they end up forgetting health care.   I mean even prisoners work out every day and get as much fuel and fluids in them.

A lack of water, especially a being in a frequent state of mild to medium dehydration is a serious thing many have learned to ignore!  Dehydration is the cause of so many domino-effect style ailments yet even some doctors blame something else!  How could one solve the problem when the root is not pointed out?  Well a lot of people are lacking water, it is so easy a problem to fix.  If you have high blood pressure your risk for a stroke shoots up to very high possibilities when you ignore water, even more so if you like drinking sugary or dehydrating beverages.

Coffee is healthy if left with no creamer and sugar but can cause headaches and stomach acidity if water drank is not sufficient.  Tea is milder than coffee but is still not water and can cause headaches and very yellow urine if used in place of water.  Soda is a definite no-no, it is a very unhealthy treat.  Cheap, processed fruit juices whether liquid or powdered are crap for your system.  Go for  real fruit juice.

  1. You lack fiber and do not eat enough vegetables

It is not that hard to get veggies in your diet.  Are you a picky 6 year old child?  Are you not able to afford fresh groceries?  Do you disrespect yourself and your general health?  If your answers for all 3 questions are ‘no’ or you want the answers to be no, than good you can easily eat your way out of your bad habits.

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I am peeved by people who treat vegetables as a lesser food group, they are equally important to protein then fat and carbs.  All are needed, carbs not as much as veggies and protein sources.

A lack of fiber in a diet shows a lack of discipline and a lack of food appreciation.

  1. You really lack physical activity

Besides the water and veggies issue it is this bad habit that ends up shortening life spans and lowered quality of life and vitality.  You just have to do something, get a little sun or wind or heck stay in but just move a bit!  And don’t stick to one or two long and boring movements.  Exercise works better for both mind and body when you are well stimulated.  Change up your movements and areas of focus.  Do stretches for full body, light weights, planking, different varieties of cardio whether stationary or not.

The minimum requirement for activity is 20 minutes a day, not so bad eh?  You can even exercise twice a day, 10-15 minutes to make 20-30 minutes a day.  Keep it up and you will see that your belly fat has trimmed and your skin and mood is clearer and brighter.

Exercise gets addictive, transfer your food addictions and laziness to moving your butt.  It is the best gift you can give yourself.  Self care.

  1. Your medicines are making you sicker.

Prescriptions are usually given by doctors who are told by their company to prescribe such drugs.  It is a business tactic, driving some symptoms away but never cutting the roots of the problem.  They get you a little sick to keep you dependent on these drugs.

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Natural supplements guys, are we forgetting.  Just add to the diet what are natural antioxidants and other nutrients.  Vitamins A, B complex, C, D from the sun, E, K2 which can be found in fermented vegetables too, folate, collagen for bone support too, iron, glutamine of you work out and many more closer-to-nature stuff.

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