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Natural Solutions for Rough or Fuzzy Teeth

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Annoyed that your pearly whites feel rough or fuzzy as you run the tip of your tongue across them? It’s something that usually strikes in the morning upon waking up or later on in the day after several hours of not having access to your trusty toothbrush. Don’t worry because the problem can be easily remedied — in most cases!

Food particles and plaque are some of the most common reasons why the surface of your teeth seems coarse from time to time. You can especially experience that roughness or fuzziness along the gum line or right where each of your teeth meets. No matter the cause or location, having rough or fuzzy teeth can make your mouth feel dirty.

Numerous solutions for that roughness or fuzziness of your teeth exist, allowing your mouth to feel so much cleaner so that you can flash a smile with self-confidence. Continue reading to know some of the things that you may try in order to effectively reinstate the natural smoothness of the surface of your pearly whites.

Brush Your Teeth

Most of the time, something as simple as reaching for your toothbrush is enough to make your teeth free of roughness or fuzziness. Here’s one smart tip on how to make brushing very good at getting rid of that unfavorable feeling: instead of your favorite toothpaste, try using baking soda which is an excellent polisher of the teeth.

Floss Away

If it seems like the roughness or fuzziness is concentrated along the gum line or where your teeth meet, then you may consider flossing to get rid of the problem. However, it’s not just when your chompers feel rough or fuzzy that you have to floss — dental experts say that it should be incorporated into your daily oral hygiene practices.

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Chew Sugarless Gum

All the mastication you need to do after popping a sugarless gum in your mouth causes an increase in the production of saliva, and this helps wash food particles and plaque off the surface of your teeth. Why go for sugarless gum? Aside from the fact that it won’t add to your daily caloric content, it will also help you stick to the next one.

Avoid Anything With Sugar

Most of the time, it is plaque that’s making your pearly whites feel rough or fuzzy. Nothing can make plaque form so much faster than the consumption of foods and beverages with sugar. So if you want to keep your teeth from having that annoying roughness or fuzziness, steer clear of anything sugary.

Pay Your Dentist a Visit

There are instances when the roughness or fuzziness is due to the presence of tartar, and it’s something that only your dentist can remove using special instruments. In some cases, the problem is brought about by crevices or cavities on the surface of your chompers, and your dentist may put sealants on them to make them disappear.

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