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Lose All The Extra Weight By Staying Happy

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Does it feel weird when people stare at you from head to toe? Of course it does! Whenever that happens to me, I always feel a bit embarrassed and conscious. Is there something wrong with my big arms or wide hips? Of course these are the problems. It is never wrong to feel good about yourself even when you think you have failed yourself when you were not able to achieve your goal of weighing 100 pounds after a month-long diet and hard workout. The correct attitude towards it is that you laugh it off and start over.

Both psychologists and fitness experts have agreed that no matter how hard one tries to jog or crunch his way out of being overweight, it will still be but a losing battle if you do not think right.

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Staying happy and keeping a positive outlook will help you to lose weight. You do not need to be too serious about losing weight. It should be an enlightening experience. It should not waste away your energy. Being enthusiastic about the whole weight loss process will enable you to look at all the possibilities that might open for you if you have successfully achieved your goals.

Happiness is subjective, but what are the general things that you can do for yourself to stay happy while journeying through the treacherous terrain of Slimville? Here are some important points that you need to establish and abide by:

  • One of the major sources of happiness comes from family and friends. Communicate your feelings about weight loss and relay to them the reason why you want to shed off some pounds. This will facilitate learning and will also give you an idea of what people think about you. These information will help you in goal-setting.
  • Record all of the things that you have done on a daily basis. These activities need not be a diary, but should recount all the things that you have done that is related to weight loss.These notes will provide you with a sense of accomplishment, and will keep you motivated to do more.
  • Always reinforce yourself with rewards if you have achieved something big in your weight loss program. If you have lost 3 pounds in a week, you can go to a spa or buy yourself a bag or a pair of heels. This will not only boost your confidence but will also keep you motivated to be better in the next couple of weeks
  •  Avoid giving yourself a deadline. If you are planning to lose the excess pounds in a short span of time, you are dreaming! Be realistic with what you want to aim. It is impossible to shed 20 pounds off your weight in one month. Set the bar higher if you already are conditions to rigorous training and exercise.
  • Stay away from people who provide you with negative criticisms. They will never motivate you but rather will frustrate you. You will not be able to see the progress that you have achieved throughout your weight loss process if your judgment is clouded by the cynicism of others.
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These are not hard things to remember. One of weight loss’ goals is to provide you with satisfaction and happiness. Positivity is not only the end-result but should also be the means for a happier and slimmer you.

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