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Health and Beauty Benefits of Aconite

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First things first: aconite is an herb bearing helmet-shaped purple flowers that are highly toxic. In fact, its flowers have been long used for making poison arrow tips.

However, aconite can be very beneficial if it’s processed in certain ways and used in the right manner. It’s exactly for this reason why the herb should only be used with the assistance of an herbalist, someone who is well-versed with using plants and its various parts for a number of therapeutic and medicinal properties.

So what are the advantages of using aconite properly? Here are some of them:

It Calms the Body and Mind

One of the most popular traditional uses of aconite is for sedation, which means that it is employed for making the body and mind relaxed. This is the reason why aconite preparations are commonly given to people who are suffering from anxiety disorders. Similarly, the herb is also regarded as an all-natural treatment for insomnia.

It Encourages Good Cardiovascular Health

Aconite is also commonly used by traditional healers for the regulation of the heart rate. In other words, it is an herbal remedy for heart palpitations. It is also said that aconite is very good at lowering high blood pressure. As a result, a person’s risk of having heart disease, heart attack and stroke can be reduced.

It Promotes Elimination of Toxins

The reason why aconite can help lower the blood pressure is it has diuretic properties, meaning it helps flush out excess water by means of the kidneys. The same ability of the herb is what makes it very good at eliminating accumulated toxins in the body, in particular by means of increased urine production.

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It Lowers Body Temperature

For so many years now, aconite is being given to individuals who are battling fever. The herb works effectively as a body temperature regulator by inducing sweating, which is termed as “diaphoresis” in the medical world. By increasing the production of sweat, the body’s temperature during fever can be lowered considerably.

It Relieves Both Pain and Inflammation

Traditionally, aconite is a well-known remedy for various types of pain and inflammation. It is commonly utilized for easing joints and muscles that are stiff, achy and swollen. Sometimes aconite is also used for relieving headaches and nerve pain, especially the kind that bugs the hands, fingers, feet and toes.

It Treats Various Respiratory Issues

Aconite has long been used as an all-natural remedy for a bunch of problems concerning the respiratory system. Some of the ones that aconite can help deal with are pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and asthma. Most of the time, the herb is employed, too, for relieving congestion of the upper airways, such as during a bout of the common cold.

It Also Helps Strengthen the Immune System

Speaking of the cold, aconite is also revered for its ability to make the immune system stronger. Especially when the cold and flu season strikes, aconite can be employed for much-needed protection. The use of this particular herb is of course best paired with healthy lifestyle and diet, plus regular dose of exercise.


Again, it’s not a good idea for you to use aconite in its raw or pure form. The herb requires processing before it can be employed for a number of health purposes. Make sure that you obtain aconite products or preparations only from a highly reputable and experienced herbalist.

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If you have a medical condition and/or you are currently taking medications for it, always tell your doctor about your plan on using herbs. If you are a pregnant woman or nursing mother, it’s not a good idea for you to use any preparation that contains aconite in it.

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