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How Much Hair Product Do I Need

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So, you’ve bought a new product to help style your hair. You replaced your old one because it wasn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. However, have you ever considered that maybe the reason why your hair products aren’t working is because you don’t know the right amount of product to use?
Have you ever wondered how much of each product you’re supposed to use and how to apply them? Is the direction on container the right amount for my hair length and thickness? There are a lot of hair products on the market. From shampoo, conditioners, mousse, gels and so on. Get to know the right
amount and application of these products can help you get the results you want. Below is a quick guide to help you get the gist amount of each product.


One of the hardest product to get perfectly right is mousse. Applying too much product can your hair look oily or wet, not enough product will not give you the desired effect. It’s important to spread the product evenly. The best way to do this is to section your hair into 8 sections. Look in the direction if it requires damp or dry hair. Put a spoonful amount on your hand and massage it
together. Spread the product from the roots to ends. Massage it on each section and brush it out. Style as you want!


Serums are great for making the hair look shiny and healthy, but too much of it can make the hair look greasy and limp. The amount you apply on your hair should depend on your hair. If you have fine hair use half a pump and spread it from the ends first, use the least amount of products on your roots. This will prevent your hair from going limp. If you have medium to th ick hair, a pump is enough.

Dry Shampoo

If you’re using dry shampoo to add volume to your hair, then flip your hair over and just apply it all over your strands. Massage it a little and flip your head back. If you’re using it to remove the grease or oil in your hair, focus on the roots. Section your hair inch section from ear to ear. Apply the dry shampoo an inch away from the roots and massage it on the scalp. Continue this un
til you’ve applied every section of the scalp.

Salt Spray

Apply salt spray on damp hair and flip your hair upside down. Mist the
product all over your hair and
scrunch it up in your hands. Continue scrunching your hair un
til it completely dries. If you want to get
the Bedhead appearance, apply it on dry hair. Apply the product all over
and use a diffuser to add the
texture to your hair. If you don
t have a diffuser, scrunch up your hair while you blow dry it.
Hair Spray
If you don
t want to get that rock hard hairstyle, then apply the product more evenl
y. Apply the hair
spray one foot away from your hair and use a windshield wiper motion. Don
t direct the hair spray in
one section too long. This will make it to firm to style. If yo
u accidentally apply too much product on one
section, take a smoothing brush and start brushing it out while it is
still wet. Prevent getting shiny and
crunchy hair with this method.
Dry Texture Spray
Never apply this product on your roots. Apply it all over your
ends and mid shaft. Ruffle your hair and
use your fingers to spread the product more evenly.
Wax or pomade is better for short hair and curly texture. When you have short h
air, take a dime size and
rub it in your hands for a few seconds. Use swift motion to utilize
specific sections of your hair to style.
When applying to curly hair, rub the product together until it
s warm and spread it around your hair.
Twist section on your fingers to style.
One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to applying hair pr
oducts is the amount used. We
hope that this simple list was able to help you determine the ri
ght amount for each product and teach
you about the proper application method. If you
re still not getting the result you want, check out other
products, especially ones that are designed for your hair type.
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