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Areas with the Most Fats and How to Fix Them

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Research has shown that there are 6 types of weight gain or obesity that are caused by different factors. These types of weight gain are categorized with the help of concentrated fat on regions of the body. Knowing which group you belong to can help with weight loss and weight management.
People that have an excessive amount of weight have a small pouch in their belly. Though, it is important to understand that with each body type there are different methods of losing weight or causes of gaining them. This excess weight placement can vary from person to person. Look through the list below and see where your body can be categorized in.

Weight from Food

People that have concentrated fat in their upper body, such as the stomach, shoulder and chest are mostly suffering from weight gain or obesity from food. This is one of the most common type of obesity in the world and one of the most dangerous. This happens when someone intakes excessive amount calories and sugar. This can come with a lot of complication like heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. The best way to control this is through regular exercise and cutting down on calories. Performing 30 minutes or more of exercise a day will help reduce the fat.

Weight from a Nervous Stomach

The concentration of the fat is usually in the lower part of the upper body, such as the stomach, love handles and lower back. This type of weight gain is usually caused by a nervous disorder such as depression, anxiety and stress. The cause of the weight gain is the frequent intake of fat or sugar. The best way to control his is to address the nervous disorder first. These types of disorders give us a sense of the overwhelming need to consume to reduce the nervousness. Without addressing the disorder
first, the weight will only come back again and again. Resolve stress with physical activities and a balanced diet.

Weight from Gluten

People that experience concentration of fat in the buttocks and thighs are due to excessive gluten. This type of weight concentration is often found in women that are experiencing hormonal imbalance, menopause and adolescence. When it comes to losing the weight, the most important thing you can do is to let go of all your vices to help prevent the hormone imbalance. You also need a workout that concentrates on strength training and avoid sitting for a long period of time.

Weight from Atheros Genic Metabolic Obesity

This type of concentrated fat can be found in the stomach region. Though, this may not be caused by fat at all. There are diseases that often have a swollen stomach as a symptom. When it comes to fat,stomachs that are swollen and give the impression of a balloon ready to burst are often caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. People who have this often suffer from breathing
problems and high cholesterol. The easy way to reduce this is to increase your physical activity and reduce the amount of
alcohol consumed.

Weight from Venous Circulation

This type of body type or weight concentration have a lot more fat in the leg and buttocks area. This is one of the most probable genetically inherited form of obesity. People who suffer from this appear to have swollen legs and wide hips. This usually occurs in pregnant women or people that suffer from inflammation problems. Physical activities can help with circulation and regulating unhealthy eating habits is important.

Obesity from Inactivity

People that have concentrated fat in their lower stomach, upper stomach and lower back are often living a sedentary lifestyle. This type of obesity can be easily found in people that have been active in the past, but since then has stopped. This is often the case for athletes that go on a long hiatus without any training. The key to losing this weight is through exercise, improving the metabolism and eating regular meals every day.
There are specific areas in our body that accumulate fat. We hope
that this simple list was able to guide you on this subject.
People often categorize weight loss as a whole package, but with a better understanding of your body. We can help you lose weight the healthy way and learn to keep it off. Look through this list and identify where you have concentrated fat and find different ways to fix them. Share with us your thoughts!
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