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Embarrassing, Dark Areas on Your Skin? The Best Remedies are Natural

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Many people complain for ages of skin problems not knowing they are using the wrong products with ingredients which are unnatural and can be clogging or toxic.  We should mind what we put on our skin and the truth is nothing is as good as natural, purer formulas with materials not messed with too much.

  There are many organic products out in the market or can be ordered online.  You are welcome to mix it up and purchase the raw material or pure oil extract, these are even more potent in antioxidants and nutrition.

Rough and dark skin patches are common and some have more sensitive and reactive skin to friction and the elements.  Usually such problems can be solved with mindful skin care and clothing choice.

Here are tips and products that prevent and lighten dark skin patches:

  1. Don’t be cheap with your undergarments and workout clothing material. Good quality cotton without cheap, ghastly garters that pinch, clog and scratch the skin. Make it a no-no and only go for fabrics that are friendly to your skin, especially underwear and quick dry stuff.  Bad quality undergarments and exercise shorts can give dark, unsightly patches that are difficult to undo.
  2. Exfoliate with oatmeal and sea salt. Sea salt is cheap and natural, no added stingy chemicals. Salt is cleansing and dehydrates wounds and bacterial clusters, at the same time it is moisturizing in a natural and non-oily way because it draws from your skin’s natural moisture and draws it back in.  It helps brush off dead skin and dry out pimples.  Oatmeal is a more gentle exfoliant the salt can ride on, the bit of water mixed in to make a rough paste creates gooey oatmeal sludge which strips dirt and excess oils off your skin.  Both oatmeal and salt have cleansing properties.
  3. Use extra virgin coconut oil liberally. This is one of the most powerful antioxidant and antibacterial oils with an amazing coconutty aroma. It is incredibly moisturizing yet light, it lightens skin faster than most lotions.  You can even cook with it, try chicken or pork, you do not need a lot of it.  It is best to apply a full body rub down of coconut oil after you sweat a bit and then shower with exfoliation.  You will rid of dirt and really get the oil in all skin crevices.  Before bed is a great time to apply because more body repair happens in your sleep.
  4. Cleanse skin with organic toners, essential oils, lemon or lime or vinegar but not alcohol-based stuff. Alcohol can further irritate and damage skin, thus making it darker. Cleansing the dark and dry areas with natural disinfectants are much better and rid of bacteria without skin damage.  Citrus kill bacteria, encourage skin collagen production and moisturizes without feeling sticky.  Vinegar can replace alcohol toners in case your organic toner is too mild and moisturizing.  Many oils are antibacterial which is a great aid in evening skin tone such as cinnamon, clove, orange, tomato seed oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil.
  5. Exercise regularly and perform most of your skin routine after the workout. Exercise and sweat eliminate body toxins way faster than just dieting cleanly and following a skin routine. Physical activity is very important and is a major factor in dictating skin health. You can moisturize a tiny bit before a workout in dry areas like elbows, knees, dry foot area and groin region if you think it is good for your skin.  If you sweat a whole lot just save the lotion for after the exercise, after an exfoliation.  Sweating and moving, getting your adrenaline up in a healthy way improves your overall health in and out.
  6. Try Aloe Vera and papaya. Mix it up or keep it one of each is up to you, both are powerful skin healers and softeners. You may not like ripe papaya smell so grated green papaya is just as fine an can be mixed with a skin-friendly oil.  Aloe vera treats burns well and heals the skin effectively and is known to be soothing, also another known natural skin lightener.
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7. Drink lots of water, eliminate sodas and sugary drinks(mostly).  Opt for pure teas and black coffee only sweetened if ever with healthy sweeteners such as honey, agave, cane, palm sugar or fruit syrups.  Add antioxidant-rich and clean, fresh ingredients to your water and make super extra awesome water.  Like lemon, lime, cucumbers, basil, mint, citrus zest, seeds, sweet edible flowers, etc

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