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Why you Should Eat More Avocados

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A very rich, fatty and savory fruit that is wonderful in both savory and sweet dishes.  They are simply awesome for being delicious while being sooo healthy.  They are guilt-free 100% especially if you exercise and not overdo other rich foods.  Its benefits are incredible and are in the superfood zone.

They are versatile and take seasoning, spices, citrus and sugar well.  Besides the obvious Central American approach to preparing this fruit you can also simply just slice em up sprinkled with salt or sugar.  You can make dips out just like guacamole, puree them with oil, seasoning and a bit of garlic to put on flat bread or tacos.  They go well with crispy bacon too.  In dessert world they are popular especially with vegans since they replace butter and other fats very well.  You can also mix them up with milk and sugar, chill or freeze them, maybe with a bit of mint, something kids may like.

Here is a quick nutritional profile on avocado fruit:

240 calories a cup of avocado flesh, so that is roughly a whole avocado or half a big fruit.  Do not fear the calories, counting calories alone is a major fallacy.  You must look at the source of your food, its quality, how nutrient-packed it is.  Eating as little as possible with no or very little fat is horrible for you.  Monosaturated fats are good fat, even if this fruit is mostly fat you can burn it very easily.  It is filling and prevents or shrinks the craving for unhealthy fats or sugars.  It is an ideal workout fuel snack too, but better if you eat more of it after the workout.

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A cup of avocado has around 42% RDA of pantothenic acid, also known as Vitamin B5.  Avocados are one of the top-notchers when it comes to B5 levels.  This vitamin is very important for basic life function holding many keys to maintenance, immunity, hormonal control and other basic functions.  Other foods high in pantothenic acid are peas, lentils, chicken, sweet potatoes, turkey, brocoli and yogurt.  Without this nutrient you will be unable to access and properly absorb your protein, fats and carbohydrates.

A cup of avocados have around 53% RDA of vitamin K.   Vitamin K is a group of vitamins with similar structures that play a crucial role in blood coagulation, without Vitamin K we would bleed uncontrollably.

41% RDA of folate or Vitamin B9.  A lack of this causes fatigue, a lack of vitality.  It aids in metabolism, nucleic acid processes and amino acid activity.

19% copper and 28% potassium.  Both important for basic skeletal, muscular, circulatory health and immune functions.

33% vitamin C for an immune boost and 21% vitamin E for your skin health.

And lastly 26% RDA for vitamin B6 which produces serotonin and norepinephrine.   Very important for mood stability, overall good mental health and immunity.  B6 also helps form a protein layer to form around nerves called myelin.  A deficiency can cause bad skin, stress, tendencies into depressive states, duller hair, lowered immunity and weaker nerves.

These oversized, savory berries are perfect for efficiently allowing your body to absorb more nutrients.  People can take and take good quality supplements but never truly access the reservoirs in their bodies or they just go straight through you.  To access nutrients better you must eat different kinds of vegetables and fruits, oh and exercise, don’t forget exercise.

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They are full of pure, clean energy in the form of guilt-free plant fat and are anti-inflammatory too which is great for infections, stomach problems or generally sick people.

They help manage high blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels.  Good for diabetics. They also improve eye health and even help our bodies further absorb beta-carotene.

Avocados are for your overall health.  Bones, muscles, nerves, digestion, hormone balance, mood balance and skin, hair and nail quality.

It is so nutritionally prolific that it is cancer-fighting too.  Avoiding processed sugar, processed fat, high sodium foods, junk and fast foods with the introduction of vegetables is sure to prevent all kinds of cancers.

Try an avocado a day or every other day instead of chips or cake.

Oh and how to store leftover avocado flesh?  Do not throw away the seed first of all.  It is one of the 3 crucial ingredients to preserve it.  Take some lemon or lime and squeeze juice over avocado pulp to avoid browning, then a healthy  swig of olive oil to preserve it, place the seed in the center then cover and store in the fridge.

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