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Foot Pain: An Overview on Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Foot pain is extremely common – most, if not all individuals will experience pain in their foot/feet at one point in their lifetime. Pain can affect any part of the foot, including the ball of the foot, the instep, the heel, the ankle, the sole, the toes,and the arch. All components of the foot (the forefoot, the midfoot, and the hindfoot) work together so that the person will have proper mobility, support, and balance. A malfunction, trauma, injury, or abnormality development can result in foot pain. So in this article entitled ‘Foot Pain: An Overview’, we aim to provide you the facts you need about this type of pain.

Foot Pain Causes

There are many different causes of foot pain. It may be brought about by diseases, injuries, and biochemical conditions. Repetitive trauma, disease, and a combination of different problems are regarded as the main causes of pain that affects the foot/feet. Below is a more in-depth definition of some of the common foot pain causes.

  • Trauma – This results from exterior forces directly affecting the body or putting the body into a certain position that leaves damages to the body’s structure.
  • Footwear – Regularly using high-heeled shoes, wearing shoes that do not fit well (too tight), and very tight stockings can also cause pain in the foot/feet.
  • Injuries – Ligament sprains, bone fractures, muscle strains, and bruises can all result in a person suffering from foot pain.
  • Achilles Tendonitis – Overstretching, cutting, overloading, overusing, and bruising the fascia and the bursa of the foot muscles is also a common foot pain cause. Achilles tendonitis is a very common tendon injury.
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Symptoms Accompanying Foot Pain

Pain and tenderness of the affected area are two strong indications that there is something wrong with the foot/feet. Foot pain, together with other symptoms, can indicate that the individual has already developed a foot problem. The symptoms that often accompany foot pain that indicates foot conditions include pain when moving the affected area, pain when placing weight on the affected foot, and decreased mobility.


Proper and comprehensive diagnosis of foot pain is extremely essential as this will impact the treatment that will be given to the foot pain sufferer. Medical professionals also use a system that distinguishes the four levels or grades of pain. These include: 1) pain during activity, 2) pain before, during, and after performing an activity but does not affect the individual’s performance, 3) pain before , during, and after performing a physical activity that affects the person’s performance, and 4) extreme pain that mobility is already significantly affected.


To complete this Foot Pain: An Overview article, we will discuss the types of treatments available for people suffering from this kind of pain. Fortunately, many of them can be done right at home, without medical assistance or surgical procedures. Here they are:

  • RICE –Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation OTC Medications – Pain relievers
  • Rest – To allow the damaged or injured tissues to heal and prevent further stress
  • Crutches – Can be used if placing weight on the foot causes a great deal of pain
  • Ankle and Foot Supports – Commercial products that provide support and comfort to the affected area
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