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10 Effective Tips to Save Your Thinning Hair

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Do you want to get back your thicker, fuller locks? You’re probably convinced that the shedding and thinning of your hair is never going to stop. You’re probably thinking you’ll end up balder than a baby. It’s so scary right?.

But the problem may not be as alarming as you think. Wilma Fowler Bergfeld, M.D., senior dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio says that “At some point after 40, hair fibers get thinner and ponytail diameter may shrink,”. “As a result, you think you’re losing your hair, whether it’s happening or not.”

So what are you waiting for? Get your hair back with these 10 tips:

1. Be natural

As the saying goes, it’s always best to be natural. You can start using cold-pressed coconut oil or avocado oil as conditioner. Just be aware it has a spring break hangover smell.

2. Choose a suitable cut.

Choosing the right hairstyle can help in making the hair much more thicker than its real state. Ask some advice from a professional hairdresser, to style your hair in way that makes the hair look thicker, like layered or shaggy style, to add more volume to your hair. Another is having bangs that can mask the forehead areas, or style in a messy one with off-center part.

3. Switch to a style that doesn’t require heat.

Let your hair air-dry, avoid too much use of blowers that weaken the hair strands. Also avoid too much styling, like using different creams with different chemical contents resulting to dry hair strands and breakage. Another is having a tight ponytail, because it can also weaken the hair strand follicle.

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4. Do the hair transplant

If the hair issue has no other options, and if you have $3,000-$15,000 then you can choose hair transplant surgery. This is done by moving healthy hair follicles to where larger patches are needed. The new hair transplant will hold on its new location within 4-6 months. Before deciding on hair transplant, might as well check on a dermatologist if you’re to undergo that surgery.

5. Change to thickening shampoo and conditioner.

Choose a shampoo with content of panthenol (vit B5) and oat protein, that fatten up the hair strands. Then apply conditioner, apply it before shampoo so it will be less greasy or use a lighter formula on ends. According to experts, conditioner helps to lessen the friction among the hair strands preventing further hair damage.

6. Take lots of Vitamin D

According to experts, increase in Vitamin D intake can bring back hair. Vitamin D provides hair vitality, so take this vitamin supplement on a daily basis.

7. Apply hair growth boosters

According to experts, we can also apply hair treatment. An FDA approved for hair loss is Rogaine, which has 2% minoxidil, that helps in awakening dormant hair follicles. For several months in usage the hair may appear less thin and the scalp blanketed by new growth. Though this application is effective, it can make your hair greasy.

8. See a Doctor

If your experiencing lots of shedding and a great loss of hair, might as well visit or seek advice from a professional. Doctors can determine what is exactly the cause of your shedding hair, if it’s just a stress related thing or other things. The cause of thinning hair might be a medical issue that can be treated immediately. The cause might be thyroid condition or iron deficiency.

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9. Change color

Adding up color to your hair can somewhat make it look more fuller. According to experts, adding color can rough up the cuticle making the hair drier but thicker. Another advise is to maintain elasticity by having mask once a week. Also avoid dark or lighter hair dye, because it only draws attention to the scalp. Maybe a few highlights or low-lights around the face.

10. Use the pill

Another way is taking Finasteride, in larger dose, experts say its effective to regrow the hair. Available in drugstores and known as Propecia, is a hormonal pill. Just be sure to take the right dose or you might lost your sex drive. If you value your hair more than your sex drive then this is for you.

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