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Why Cranberries are Good for You?

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Cranberries are quite delicious when eaten as is but if you’ve been paying attention to the latest healthy food in the market, you’ve probably come across news that these berries come with several advantages. Aside from being a staple in many Thanksgiving dinners, cranberries can be turned into shakes, smoothies, juices, and even toppings on salads, yogurts, oats and the like so you can absorb the antioxidants to improve your overall health.

What other benefits are linked to eating cranberries? Here are some you should take note of.

Improves bladder health. The presence of proanthocyanadins (PACs) in cranberries can help prevent bacteria from forming in the bladder which can prevent urinary tract infections from occurring. This is one of the reasons why cranberry juice has always been used when it comes to treating bladder infections.

Contains high amounts of antioxidants. Another benefit to eating cranberries is that this fruit contains plenty of antioxidants which are responsible for fighting off bacteria and free radicals for a stronger, and healthier immune system.  The antioxidants can provide protection against oxidative damage to the cells which can prevent premature aging from occurring.

Can combat cancer. When you take a closer look at cranberries, you will find that they contain quercetin, epicatechins, and ursolic acid all of which are potent cancer-fighting compounds. Among the types of cancer that cranberries can fight off include breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.

It is high in fiber. Another reason why you should eat cranberries is that they are high in fiber. Fiber is known to aid in lowering one’s cholesterol levels, improve bowel movement, and regulate blood sugar. Another advantage to having more fiber in your system is that it can promote weight loss as well.

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Boosts anti-inflammatories in the body. The deep red color of cranberries, which is their trademark, denotes that they contain quercetin which is known for its abilities to fight off cancer. This means that consuming cranberries can reduce inflammation which is one of the triggers of cancer cells to grow.

It can detox the liver. Our liver needs to be detoxed once in a while to help it function better. Cranberries can be a good source of detoxification which aid in flushing the liver of the harmful toxins that have accumulated in it over time. Regardless of whether you eat it as is or make a juice out of it, you will reap quite a lot of its benefits for your liver.

Gives more flavour while being low in calories. If you are looking for a tart flavour to your dish or dessert then cranberries should be added. Eating this fruit as is means that you need to have an acquired taste for its flavour but once you get over it, you will find that it is a nice addition to shakes, cakes, and the like. And the best part is that cranberries are low in calorie content which means that you don’t have to worry about gaining weight when snacking on it.


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