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5 Quick Fixes for Greasy Hair

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Greasy hair in the morning is enough to give you a headache especially when you need to hurry to school or the office. The problem with greasy hair is that it can appear regardless of what type of hair you have which can be a major bummer if you are quite conscious of how you look. Instead of sporting bouncy, beautiful tresses, you’ll most likely end up with greasy, and dull looking hair that can ruin your overall look. So how do you solve greasy hair? Here are some quick fixes for you to try.

Paper towels. If you forgot to bring your dry shampoo with you, an alternative solution is to grab some paper towels and blot the greasiest parts of your hair. Although this is not an elegant solution to your greasy hair it can still minimize the amount of grease present which is what you need to accomplish.

Dry shampoo. This is probably one of the best solutions available when it comes to fixing your greasy hair. Dry shampoo can actually soak up excess oil in your hair fairly quickly so you don’t have to be embarrassed with the way your hair looks. Simply powder some on the roots and strands of your hair, rub the powder on, and then brush your hair afterwards. This will help distribute the powder evenly and will also help get rid of any hair products that might cause your hair to become greasy.

Perfume. Aside from making you smell good, perfumes can also be used to fix your greasy hair. Spritzing some on your hair can reduce the appearance of grease because of the alcohol present in your perfume. The alcohol is the one responsible for breaking down the oils on your hair for a less greasy looking mane. Just make sure that you don’t rely on this treatment too much as the alcohol can also make your hair dry when used regularly.

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Sleek hairstyle. If you can’t fix your greasy hair quickly, work around it by opting for a sleek hairstyle. Part your hair sideways then tie the rest into a pony tail. Use a hair spray to tame any loose hair for a sophisticated look.

Baby powder. Another quick fix that you can take advantage of for your greasy hair is to use baby powder. Baby powder can be used as a dry powder so rub some on the roots of your hair and the strands then comb afterwards. This will make your hair look presentable until the time you can wash it once you arrive home.

Add distraction. If you cannot do anything about your greasy hair just yet, why not wear something that will attract the eyes? Wear a pair of huge sunglasses, wear some chandelier earrings, or even that bright scarf you’ve always wanted. For sure, others will pay more attention to your accessories rather than your greasy hair.

There is no need to worry too much about waking up with greasy hair now that you have an idea on how to fix it fast.

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