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10 Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Should Know

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We all have days when we just feel bored and lazy. This is the time when you could not care less about your appearance.

Good thing there are quick-fix beauty hacks for days such as that. Let’s get to know some of these beauty hacks by scrolling down below.

1. Use Eye Cream As An Eraser

Your makeup smudged and you don’t have time to start over? You can use eye cream as an alternative for makeup remover. Just use a cotton tip and dab it in your eye cream. Use it to erase your smudged makeup in one swipe.

2. Dry Shampoo

If you have no time to wash your hair, you can opt to apply dry shampoo to your roots. It will give your limp hair volume and soak up all the grease.

3. Faux Eyelashes

No time to appy false eyelashes? Just add a bit of baby powder into your eyelashes, before putting on your mascara. You will have full lashes, in less than a minute.

4. Full Makeup

Don’t have time for a full makeup? You can still look glamourous by playing up just one of your feature. You can do a bold eye and a bare lip or go vice-versa.

5. Chipped Manicure

Instead of re-doing your chipped manicure. Just apply a contrasting color into your tips. You will have a colorful French manicure in minutes!

6. Makeup Wipes

Don’t have time to remove your makeup at night? Remember, don’t use this as an alternative to washing your face, when removing makeup. There’s no replacement to washing your face, to take the dirt and oil from makeup. Cleansing wipes are just alternative, than sleeping with your makeup on.

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7. All Around Lipstick

You can use lipstick as an eyeshadow, lip color and blush. Make sure you always have a lipstick in your makeup kit, for those days when you need to quickly freshen up. You can try a dark pink shade, and use it to layer more as needed, in different parts of your face.

8. Lip Balm

Are your brows a mess, and brow gel is not available? Lip balm is the perfect texture for taming your brows. Put some on your brows, then use a spooly brush into your brows to put them in place

9. Puffy Eyes

Hide puffy eyes, by using a cold green tea bag. Hold the tea bag on the puffy eye area for about 5-7 minutes. This is the quickest way to get rid of puffiness under your eye.

10. Perfume To Last Long

Make your perfume last longer, by applying vaseline at your pulse points. This will make the perfume last for a longer time.

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