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Thin Hair Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

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Not all women are blessed to have thick, voluminous hair. This is in part of your genetics, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. There are a few tips and tricks that will help reduce the appearance of your thin hair, while keeping it shiny and healthy too, but then there are also a few hair mistakes that you should be avoiding as well. Here are a few that you might be doing at the moment and must avoid at all costs.

Avoid using too much hair products all the time

Women like to make use of hair products to add volume and thickness to their hair, but if you have thin hair, putting all the junk on your hair can weigh it down. This is why you need to be careful in choosing the type of hair product that you will be applying on your hair. For example, instead of applying conditioner from the top to bottom, apply it instead on the ends of your hair which need it the most.

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Pulling your hair too tight when it is wet

Tying your hair even while it is wet is a common mistake that we all make especially when we are in a rush. Unfortunately, this habit of ours is contributing to the damage to our hair strands which can affect our thin hair. Keep in mind that the hair strands is already stretched when it is wet, and when you tie it, you are furthering the damage. If you need to tie your hair though, even while it is wet, use a silk scrunchie instead to lessen the damage.

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Allowing your hair to grow longer

For women who have thin hair, the best hair style for you is a shorter crop. Growing your hair long can only emphasize the thin hair strands. By sticking with shorter hair styles, you will be able to create the illusion of volume which can add to your overall look.

Avoiding styling products

Although we have already mentioned that putting styling products on your hair can make your hair look limp, finding the right kind of styling product for the type of hair that you have can do wonders for your hair. Look for a thickening or volumizing spray which you should apply before you blow dry your hair. Leaving your hair alone after washing can only make it look lifeless around your face.

Not looking for solutions to limp hair

Some women who have thin hair have already given up on making their hair appear thicker, but you shouldn’t because you can add height to it with the help of curlers. Place these curlers underneath the thin layers of hair near your scalp as this will help create more volume while making your hair appear rich too.

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Washing your hair regularly

Another common mistake that we tend to make with thin hair is that we tend to over wash it. Keep in mind that since your hair strands are already thin enough to begin with, constantly washing it can put a lot of stress on them which can leave it prone to breakage. You can actually skip washing it every other day and simply use a dry shampoo to help get rid of excess oil on the scalp.

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Thin hair may be difficult to maintain, but the good news is that there are several ways to make it work for you, starting with avoiding the common mistakes that are mentioned above. For sure, you’ll feel more confident once you learn how to handle your thin hair on your own.

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