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5 Tips When You Can’t Fall Asleep

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Having trouble getting your much needed sleep? You are not alone because a lot of people experience nights when they find themselves tossing and turning unable to slip into sleep. Yes, drinking hot or warm milk can help you relax but there are times when you need more than this drink to get you back to sleep. Many turn to prescription medications to alleviate their insomnia but there are other ways to lull yourself to sleep.

  • Wear your comfiest Pjs. Changing into your favorite or comfiest night gown or pjs can help you get in the mood to sleep. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing so that your blood will be able to flow properly.
  • Rewind the day. Another trick that will help you go to sleep is remembering your day in reverse. Start by remembering what happened to you prior to going to bed then keep going until you reach the start of your day. This means remembering even the smallest details of the day. For sure, you will find yourself drifting off to sleep and perhaps even before you reach the start of the day.
  • Dab some lavender oil in your pillow. If you want to be able to drift off to sleep, try dabbing a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow. The scent of lavender is known for its ability to help you relax and reach a calm state of mind which is exactly what you need in order to slip into peacful sleep. You can even dab some on your temples to be able to inhale the scent of this herb for a good night’s sleep.
  • Get your imagination running. Another trick that will help you fall asleep even on those days when you just can’t drift off to sleep quickly is to let your imagination loose. Visualization meditation is actually a good trick because you are using at least three senses at the same time. To start, think about a situation or location where you are content. This can be in a beach, on top of a mountain, or anywhere you feel safe and secure. While visualizing this location, imagine what you are seeing at the moment, the sounds that you hear, and even the smells too. Soon enough you will find yourself drifting off to sleep.
  • Read a book. This might go two ways. One, you will be so interested in your reading that dawn will soon be breaking and you’re still glued to your book or, two, you’re just a few pages into your reading when your eyes become tired and droopy and ready to fall asleep. It’s up to you which book should go by your bedside tonight.
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 The next time you find yourself unable to sleep, try these tricks and see which one will make you fall asleep. You can always meditate or hum yourself to sleep if these do not work as you expect or look for alternatives that will work best for you.


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