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Weird Beauty Challenges

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Challenges aren’t a new thing, your parents did some popular challenge during their time and so did their parents. The only difference now is that social media have been able to spread these challenges like wild fire. Some can be good, such as the ALS ice bucket challenge and some are weird such as planking. It can be all in good fun such as the running man challenge or the try not to laugh challenge. However, some can be dangerous too. There are numerous reported injuries and even deaths from doing some of these challenges (cinnamon challenge, duct tape challenge and fire challenge). When it is all in good fun and you are safe, these challenges can be fun. Beauty standards and the beauty industry would not be the last to create challenges of their own. Some of this new wave weird beauty challenges can be really fun to try and some can damaging. We’ve seen a lot of these beauty challenges this year. We’ve compiled some of the most popular and eyebrow raising ones. It’s for you to judge if it’s good or bad.

Pen Under Boob Challenge

We live in a time where there is such a huge fascination with the size of the breast. Men and women are captivated by certain sizes, whether if it is a good thing and if it promotes body positivity is doubtful. In early 2016 there was a beauty challenge that populated a lot of social media sites. It was called the Under Boob challenge. This challenge is simple. All you need is to find a pen or pencil and tuck it underneath your breast. The whole purpose of this challenge is that if you are able to tuck the pen underneath without it falling. Your breast is considered perky and big. If you really want to try this challenge go ahead, but remember that the results do not define you. If you are trying to find a place to store away your pen – you can always put it in your bag or pocket.

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The 100 Layer Challenge

This challenge was mostly seen on video sharing platforms. This is a fun challenge you can try if you have some free time and a lot of beauty products. There has been a lot of variation of this challenge from the nail polish mountain, 100 layers of foundation, 100 layers of lipstick and even 100 layers of sun tan lotion. It is a fun challenge to do, but it can have a few downsides. For one product is expensive, doing this challenge will surely use your stuff a lot. It is also bad for your skin. Seriously, putting 2 layers of foundation already feels heavy on the skin what more for a 100. Your pores will be so clogged that you might end breaking out. Though, this challenge is all fun and games. It’s fun to watch other people do it, if you are interested in trying it, make sure to know how you can properly remove it and use after care products to heal the skin.

The Belly Button Challenge

God knows where most of these beauty challenges come from. Some of them can be outright bizarre. A big example is the belly button challenge. This was a challenge that originated in China to help determine something about your weight or the circumference of your waist. It is fairly simple. All you need is to reach from your back to your belly button with your fingers. Being incredibly flexible and have long limbs can help you with this challenge.

Hairy Armpit Challenge

Another beauty challenge that originated from China is the hairy armpit challenge. This is basically accepting your womanhood and defying the social norm that women have to be hairless. This challenge is basically taking pictures of your unshaven underarm and sharing it on social media. The person with the most popular picture would win a price.

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Don’t Judge Challenge

This was a hashtag that blew up immediately on a certain social media platform. It made a huge splash that if you search it there will be thousands upon thousands of videos of it. It is basically teenagers even kids and adults creating short videos where they appear “ugly” (fake zits, double chin, uni-brow, etc.) and revealing their real and conventional beauty look. This video was all in fun, but a lot of people have criticized it for mocking individual that is not considered “beautiful”. It’s for you to decide if this challenge is actually harmful or empowering.

We live in a very strange time. Something we’ve learned about human kind lately is that there are a lot of people willing to do anything. From trying to achieve a weird standard of beauty, getting attention or just do anything out of boredom. Some of these challenges are actually fun to do and something you can try out home. Though, some of them put an unhealthy standard in beauty. It is up to you if you want to try out these challenges. You just have to remember that most of these are only for fun and nothing to take seriously. So, what beauty challenge have you done and which one do you think is the weirdest?

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