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Why Drinking Tea is Better than Coffee

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Most people need to have their daily cup of Joe to function but did you know that drinking tea can actually provide you with more health benefits? Decades ago, tea was the go to drink by many but with the appearance of coffee, tea has been pushed aside. Nowadays, it seems that the trend of drinking tea is picking up again as more and more people become aware of the wonderful benefits that they can get out of this beverage.

For those who are wondering why they should drink tea over coffee, here are some benefits linked to it.

  1. Tea can help hydrate you. Although coffee can still keep you hydrated, tea has more water component to it with a hint of flavour making it more effective in replacing the fluids that you have lost when you sweat. And when you manage to hydrate your skin, the smoother and more supple it will become.
  2. Tea keeps you running longer. Most of us get our energy fix from our cup of Joe but did you know that tea can keep you energized longer? If you’re going to compare the amount of caffeine present in these two drinks you will find that they have the same amount but coffee has a high depressing effect compared to tea which means that coffee has a higher rush but can’t keep it steady. In the case of tea, the effect will last longer.
  3. Eliminate pounds. It appears that drinking tea, specifically green tea, can help you lose some weight. This can be due to the fact that green tea can jumpstart your metabolism so that you will be able to shed pounds plus the fact it doesn’t have too many calories compared to those carbonated drinks that you’re always gulping down when you’re thirsty. And since you can’t add anything else to your tea unless its honey, chances are you won’t get extra calories inside of you.
  4. Lowers stress levels. What else can drinking tea do for you? How about reducing your stress levels? Nowadays, people are actually going out to drink tea with their friends to catch up which means that they tend to feel less stressed when they are with them. What’s more, there are certain compounds present in green tea that prevents depression from occurring which is why it is always better to have a cup of tea rather than coffee.
  5. Prevents certain types of cancer. Tea has been found to halt cancerous cells from growing. The antioxidants present in tea help eliminate free radicals in the body which is important as these toxins are the ones that can create cancer cells. Add to this the fact that tea can also help boost one’s immune system and you know that this beverage should be part of your diet especially if you want to stay in the best of healthy.
  6. Contains antioxidants. As it was mentioned earlier, tea contains plenty of antioxidants that provide protection to the body against unwanted toxins. Antioxidants can fight signs of aging, while getting rid of the free radicals that are doing harm to your health. So if ever you feel the need to give your health a boost, drink some tea.
  7. Good for the bones. Another advantage to drinking tea over coffee is the fact that this beverage is actually good for the bones. An Australian study showed that those who drank tea were less likely to develop bone problems like osteoporosis compared to those who were drinking coffee.
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As you can see, drinking tea does have a lot of health benefits to provide you with. If you are thinking of switching your caffeinated drink, go for teas instead.

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