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Makeup Artist Advice for Prom Makeup

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Prom! It’s one of the most exciting and memorable experience. However, we all know how preparing for prom can expensive. Think about it, besides the dress you also have to think about your accessories, shoes, your date, transportation and so on. This can cause you to be a bit wary about spending your money on your hair and makeup needs. Most of us opt for doing it ourselves. This is a great way to save money and enhance your beauty skills. However, doing your own makeup when you aren’t prepared can lead to disaster. When it comes to special occasions, it’s always best to opt for professional help, but if you really need to save money then go for DIY. To help make your prom night go smoothly, we’ve asked makeup artist for their advice when it comes to prom makeup.

Primer Matters

Primer can be a bit expensive, but it is something that you need to make makeup go on a lot smoother and make it last longer.  Thankfully there are great alternatives you can use as a primer. You can use moisturizer as a substitute. It is always best to apply skin care products before applying makeup. Putting makeup directly on the skin can make it patchy and fade a lot faster. Especially during prom where there will be a lot of dancing and sweating. Moisturize well and allow it to dry completely before applying foundation or concealer.

Check Your Foundation and Powder

Have you seen photographs of celebrities where they have white powder or uneven foundations on? Well, without the flashes of cameras – these white powder or uneven foundation is not visible. This is often due to the product. Some products can be invisible to the naked eye and reflect back due to the flash of the camera causing these makeup blunders. It is a bit difficult to know if the product you have will have this effect. So, the best thing you can do is to check it using different lighting and camera flashes. This is an important step when it comes to applying your makeup since you will be taking a lot of pictures during your prom. You can as the sales rep if the makeup you plan to purchase is photo friendly. When it comes to powder, avoid HD ones since this can be a bit sensitive when applied incorrectly. It can create that unwanted white shadow.

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Once you’ve made sure that your foundation and powder is photo friendly, make sure that the foundation you apply is right for your skin tone and make sure to buy makeup that will fit your skin type (oily, dry, combination, acidic). When applying foundation applies to the neck and shoulder and collar bone area to maintain an even complexion. Make sure to blend properly to prevent patchy foundation.


When there are photo opts, it’s a good idea to do a bit of contouring to create that dimension of the picture. However, do not go crazy when it comes contouring. You’ve seen a lot of Instagram and YouTube stars with on point contouring – but you have to know that these people paint their faces with thick amounts of makeup that makes it unsuitable for long wear. You rarely see models on magazines or runway that use heavy contouring. Most professional makeup artist do not use heavy highlighting and contouring when they do makeup since it is not applicable for dances or everyday activities. You can contour using subtle techniques and colors. Don’t opt for contouring powders and creams that are way too dark that you appear to have a black line on your face. Opt for natural colors.

Heavy Blush

Flash can affect how our makeup appears on the picture. Foundation can appear too light and blush can be invisible. Add a bit more of foundation you normally would, but do not go crazy that you appear clownish.


One of the most important things that you can do for your prom makeup is to fill in your brows. If you are someone that is not used to applying makeup, just filling in your brows can make a huge difference.

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Color Palette

When it comes to choosing the color of your eyes and blush, consider the color of your dress. Find colors that complement each other to blend your whole look together. You can go for daring colors just as long as you know that the color won’t unbalance your dress and the theme of the dance.

Beauty professionals are always willing to share their know how’s when it comes to beauty and thanks to the internet they are given a much wider platform to share their information. With these tips, we hope that you avoid any beauty disaster during your prom. It pays to be prepared. Though, remember not to expect too much. The makeup that you usually see online or in pictures do not work as perfectly in real life. It pays a lot to practice, try to do it at least two to three days before your prom to see your common mistakes and learn to correct them. Do you have your own prom beauty tips to share?

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