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How to Perfectly Apply Eyeliner in Two Easy Steps

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They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So make them look great and come out by successfully and flawlessly applying your eyeliner. These can be done in just two easy steps! Read below to find out.

Types of Liner
There are two kinds of eyeliner, the liquid and pencil ones. Pencil eyeliner is a good liner to use for first application because it can give you a more softer look and requires less precision. Liquid eyeliner on the other hand, requires a steady hand and is best in delivering that bold dramatic look.

First Step is to Apply Pencil
Use a pencil eyeliner so you can have more control in creating a line and provide the right amount of coverage between the liner and lash line. For the application, apply the liner as close to your lashes on your eyelid.

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To test if you have created a strong line, apply the liner on the underneath side of your lash line. You can do this by placing your finger in the crease of your eye and push your lashes out. Lastly, run the pencil at the base of your lashes.

Second is to Apply Liquid Eyeliner
For that bold look, swipe your liquid liner, in a matching shade over the pencil liner you’ve already apply. Remember to shake the liquid liner first before applying, to mixed the product and to limit the chance for bleeding.

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