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What You Should Know About Deep Conditioning

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Conditioner makes your hair smooth and silky although only temporary. So why not keep it for hours right?

To deep condition your hair, it’s much better to use oils instead of conditioner. You can use coconut, avocado, olive, hemp seed and castor oil.

Do it Regularly

If hair is deep conditioned regularly it results to a more softer, manageable and less prone to breakage hair.

Regular conditioning depends on you entirely. Some deep conditioned their hair every 3-4 days, twice a week or every two weeks. It is best to start weekly, if you noticed any weakness and limpness in your hair, then start to make it twice a week if your hair is still dry.

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How To:

1. Plan on conditioning your hair on a day that you are not going out or on the weekends. Oils are hard to wash off so it may leave your hair greasy.

2. Wash your hair first before conditioning. For a conditioner to work well you should first washed it off with shampoo and then rinse off.

3. Prepare your dry hair by turning it over and rub the oil into your scalp. Massaging your scalp increases blood flow and help hair follicles to start growing.

When rubbing the oil into your scalp, pay extra close attention to your ends. This will help in the repair process since ends are more fragile and prone to splitting and breakage.

4. Always remember this very important step when deep conditioning. Heat a damp towel, you can use the microwave but just set for 15-20 seconds. Then wrap it around your head using turban style. This method will help for the conditioner to work better.

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5. Allow the conditioner to work its magic by leaving it for 15-20 minutes. Allow the damp towel to close in the conditioner and do its job.

6. When you are finish, your hair should looked like you have just gotten out of the shower.

7. Rinse the conditioner off your hair but not fully. You should rinse your hair, but not as quite as long as you normally would.

There you go! Your hair is all shiny and sleek.

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