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Quick Skin Regimen for Cold Weather

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Snow Queen or not, cold weather is great for the skin because it makes the pore smaller and oiliness is not a problem. But, too much exposure to cold weather or cold areas make your skin dry. The cold humidity makes your skin lose moisture more rapidly, making the skin irritated, dry and flaky.

Here are some quick tips to lessen the dryness and let you enjoy the cold weather without worrying for your skin.

1. Steaming Your Face

You can buy a facial steamer or make one on your own. Just boil water, put in a bowl, then let it steam your face for several minutes. Apply exfoliating scrub or mask afterwards and lastly apply moisturizer. This helps prevent dry and scaly patches in your skin.

2. Applying Face Cream and Lotion

Clinical studies advised to apply one percent hydrocortizone cream for more stubborn skin problems during cold weather. Hydrocortizone cream can be bought over-the-counter and used to relieve skin itchiness, dryness, scaling, redness, crusting, inflammation or other various skin problems. After application, you can apply a moisturizer for better skin fix.

Face lotion can also be use as advised by experts in cold season, like glycolic acid lotion to remove dry flakes. Glycolic acid helps in exfoliating or peeling the upper layer of the skin epidermis, thus exposing live skin cells.

3. Blush It On

Either use a rosy or peach blush that can make you look like you just run a couple of miles or had a vigorous exercise. Also apply a more richer lip color with a tinted lip stain, then apply a lip balm to lock the moisture. This will make you more warm unlike the Snow Queen with frosty lips and pale frosty skin.

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4. Awaken Eyes

A dull look during cold season is not in, so wake up those eyes. To brighten up those eyes, apply just a bit of ivory or satin white eye shadow under your brow bone, then another small dab right just above your lash line in the middle of your lid. Additionally, experts advised to use camouflage dark circles with a concealer.

5. Choose the Best Skin Products

During the cold season, you should avoid skin products that cake up. Choose a face product that provides color and moisture like cream blushes and tinted moisturizers.

6. Hydrate with Water

Even if i’ts cold, your cells need to be hydrated. Since the cold weather makes your skin glow, it also does let your skin dry more rapidly than other normal weather conditions. So drink plenty of water and juice to moisturize your skin and make it more young looking, a good combination for your rosy cheeks.

Now being in the cold will make you even more beautiful and young-looking than Elsa….

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