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Want to Get Fit Like a Ballerina? Here’s How

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Ballerinas are the epitome of grace. They move with fluidity and charisma that makes us envious. They make dancing seem so easy, but ballerinas dedicate a lot of their time and effort to be as good and as fit as they are. They are required to stay active and on their toes for six or more hours a day. They follow a strict diet that helps them get the most out of their meal. A meal plan that helps them get the optimum energy they need and still keep them light on their feet. They also keep their body fit not just by
dancing, but maintaining an exercise routine.

Ballerinas are incredibly fit for their frame and stature. They can dance for a long period of time without trying to catch their breath. We’ve asked some of the top ballerinas in the world about their fitness regime and diet. We’ve compiled all of these tips below!

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Snacking Healthy

Ballerina are required to dance for a long period of time without their energy levels wavering. The best way they manage this is through small and frequent healthy snacking. Having small meals throughout the day instead of having full meals can help reduce the feeling of fatigue. This can also help prevent them light and bloated. Ballerinas will often start the day with a small bowl of fruits, nuts and choice of coffee or tea. They then prepare a few small bags of veggies and fruits to snack on through the day. A
great snack of choice would be high in protein cereal bars. They consume these small bags every hour or every time they get a break. Once their practice or work is over, they opt for a big meal of lean protein to help refuel their body and keep them energized as soon as they wake up. This is a great diet for people that are required to be active all day, prone to problem or have slow stomach emptying.

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Keep Bloating at Bay

Ballerinas are often required to wear tight, form fitting leotard during their practices and fighting bloating is one of the biggest problems they face. Not only will it be noticeable in leotard this can also affect their dancing. That’s why dancers often opt for the Paleo diet during their rehearsals or
performance period. This diet prevents them from feeling weighed down or heavy during dancing. This type of diet can help keep you feeling full and help with digestion.

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It’s Okay to Cheat

Going on a healthy and balanced diet can help you keep on dancing, but sticking to this diet for a very long time can make you go insane. Ballerinas have their own choices of ch
eat food too. From tacos to something sugary sweet. Indulging in this not so healthy snacks during their day offs or breaks, won’t cause them to just stop dancing or get bad at it. This will just feed the cravings to reduce the chances of
you binging or breaking the diet during their dance periods.

Dance Based Fitness

Since they dance for a living, it doesn’t come as a shock that they would opt for dance based fitness classes too. Ballerinas have rhythm and opting for dance based exercises can help
stick to their exercises. Zumba is a great way to improve cardio and different muscles in the body. Tangos can help
ballerinas with their flow and lines. Pole dancing can also keep their muscles fit and improve their appeal.

Pilates and Yoga

A ballerina’s lifestyle tends to be incredibly stressful. So, picking Pilates and yoga can
hit two birds with
one stone. They are able to de-stress themselves while toning their muscles.
Especially muscles that
they use the most, such as their core, thighs and arms. They are able to sneak t
hese tiny workouts
during their rest days or before they tuck themselves at night.
Living in such an active lifestyle can surely make the muscles sore and the
mind stressed. Learning to
know when your body needs to rest and have a good day of relaxation is importan
t. Not being able to
rest, can make you more prone to injuries during rehearsals.
So, what do you think about these tips? Have you always drea
med of being a ballerina? Share with us
your experience with these tips!

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