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Foods That Fool the Stomach: Eat These to Feel Full

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If you want to lose a few extra pounds, you have to reduce the amount of food you eat. And if you want to reduce the amount of food you eat, you have to make your stomach feel happy. This article will teach you which foods you should eat more if you want to eat less and ultimately lose weight!

Packed with fiber, loaded with protein, high in volume — these are the features shared by foods that are very good at leaving the stomach feel full. Fiber, as everybody knows, can be very heavy to the belly, and protein takes a lot of time to be digested — foods with lots of it stay in the stomach longer than the rest. Foods high in volume, such as those that contain plenty of air and water, can surely make one feel really satiated.

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Eat foods that have all the properties mentioned above and you’re golden! By consuming them, you can considerably cut down your intake of food — you will find it easier to dodge seconds, snacks and hunger pangs!

Keyed up to feel satiated? Let’s take a look at some of the foods that fill up your stomach:

Sweet Potatoes

Although frowned upon by many figure-conscious individuals because they are high in carbs, sweet potatoes can really make your tummy feel so happy. Because they are so rich in fiber, it can be hard to eat more of them than necessary. Whether boiled or baked, there is no denying that sweet potatoes can ward off cravings.

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What’s so amazing about oatmeal is it has all the qualities of the most satisfying foods on the planet — loaded with fiber, rich in protein and voluminous! And that’s why a bowl of oatmeal at the start of the day can help make it so much easier for anyone to stay away from overeating throughout the day.


It’s not just the doctor that an apple a day can keep at bay, but also unnecessary snacking. That’s because an apple is packed with water and fiber, and such combination can be very heavy on the stomach. So the next time you are craving for something sweet and delectable, reach for an apple than a slice of pizza or red velvet cake.

Egg Whites

The reason why consuming egg whites can make you feel so satiated is the fact that they are loaded with protein — not just any protein, but high quality protein that your body needs! If you are watching your intake of calories, saturated fat and cholesterol, egg whites are the ones to go for.

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Another source of high quality protein is fish, and that’s why its inclusion in your diet is perfect if you are looking to shed off some extra pounds. Consider going for oily kinds of fish like herring, trout, mackerel and salmon as they are loaded with health fat that’s good for your heart, brain and joints. They’re the most satisfying, too!


Just like egg whites and oily fish, yogurt also packs lots of high quality protein, and that’s why snacking on them can save you from overeating. However, bear in mind that not all yogurt varieties out there are the same. The best one for the job is the plainest you can get. Experts highly recommend Greek yogurt.

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Don’t forget to pair the consumption of these belly-filling foods with regular exercise if you really want to make those unwanted pounds go away!

And also, don’t forget to have this article reposted on your different social media accounts to let as many of your figure-conscious family and friends know how they can feel full for longer periods of time!

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