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Easy Healthy Snacks to Brighten Dull Complexion

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Dull complexion can be a cause for insecurity especially when you’re sitting beside someone with that dewey, and radiant looking skin. There are many reasons why our skin loses their natural glow. Among these are smoking, constant exposure to the sun, poor skin care regimen, and even diet that is lacking essential nutrients. The good news is that you can actually correct your dull complexion with switching to healthier food options especially when it comes to your snack. Yes, this means having to let go of those salty and too sweet treats that you keep around. If you want to revive your skin, then these healthy snacks are worth having.


If your skin tends to have red blotches on it, they might be there because of inflammation. They can appear because of trauma to the skin caused by rubbing the skin excessively,  or because of too much exposure to the sun. Other possible causes include rosacea or allergic reaction. Whatever the reason may be for these red marks to appear, eating yogurt can help banish them. Opt for yogurts that are low in fat then add some berries for more anti-inflammatories to help quell the redness on your skin.


Another possible snack that can brighten your dull complexion is avocado. What’s great about this fruit is that it is high in omega-9 fatty acids which are known to support healthy skin. Eating avocados can help speed up skin regeneration while minimizing any redness or irritation that you may be suffering from.

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Having some sardines with crackers as snacks can do more than just fill your belly up. Sardines contain omega-3 fatty acids that not only promote better cardiovascular health but also better looking skin. Getting more omega-3s into your system can actually prevent acne breakouts from occurring because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Aside from avocado, you should also add mango to your list of healthy snacks that can help you deal with dull complexion. One reason behind this is that mangoes have beta-carotene which is a type of antioxidant that can actually slow down aging while rejuvenating the skin. Also, mangoes have vitamin C which is known to help with collagen production that keeps the skin elastic.


Spinach is also an excellent snack to add to your diet as it is packed with plenty of vitamins, specifically folate, which is known for its ability to repair DNA while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Increasing your intake of leafy greens can help you gain better complexion in the long run as you are soaking up nutrients easily.


When it comes to healthy snacks for brightening your complexion, you will never go wrong with having some oranges. What’s great about this citrus fruit is that it is rich in vitamin C which can actually help fight damages to your skin cells even as you age. This vitamin also plays a part in collagen formation so make sure that you do have it regularly.

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