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Period Tips

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There are some lucky people that experience pain free and symptom free periods, but when it comes to the rest of us – our period is the worst time of the month. Once our cycle comes knocking we brace ourselves on what’s to come. Moodiness, cramps, body pain, constant trips to the bathroom and so on. It can be really tough, especially if you don’t know how to handle periods well. Thankfully, there are little things we can do to make period a lot easier. From simple tips that can help with sudden periods in reducing symptoms of periods. We’ve asked experts on their best advice when it comes to dealing with periods and here is what they had to say.

Invest In a Good Heating Pad

Having a heating pad that you can reuse over and over again when you get your period is a great way to relieve menstrual cramps and muscle cramps. The water bottle method is great, but needs to be replaced often. Heating pads, especially ones that can be heated in a microwave or plug in are more convenient and easier to use. Just make sure not to apply it directly on your skin to prevent burning yourself. Heating pads can help improve blood flow and reducing cramps. This can make your period go a lot smoother and reduce pain.

Change Your Position When You Sleep

We tend to get more muscle pain and prone to aches during our period. A lot of us usually get these aches in the same area over and over again. You can help reduce the chances of you getting these muscle pains by changing the way you sleep. If you tend to get more pain in your lower back during your period, avoid sleeping in a position where you put a lot of tension on your back such as the fetal position. You can also add a pillow on your lower back to help with pain. Some of us can experience pain in our shoulder, sides, breast and even our arms. Find the ideal position where you do not add unnecessary on these areas. Comfort pillows are a great way to keep you comfortable without adding pressure to your muscles.

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We need to hydrate every day, but more so when we get our period. This is because of how much fluid we tend to lose during our period. Drinking water can also help reduce the chances of bloating, cramps and fatigue. Avoid drinking anything that is too high on sugar or anything that is too carbonated. This can make you feel a lot worse and can even cause stomach aches and painful flatulence. People that are also prone to constipation during their period should drink more water to aid with digestion. This can help prevent the heavy stomach feeling when you eat and help move things along.

Bring a Napkin or Tampon Everywhere

Even if you are a boy, bringing tampons everywhere you go can help you or someone you know. Our periods can happen anytime and we all know how hard it is to go walking around when we get our periods. It can be irritating to go around looking for a store where there is a shop that sells sanitary napkins. Even If you don’t need it having one around can help a friend in need. Napkins and tampons are also versatile items. Tampons are highly absorbent items, making it great for sopping up liquids and can even be used for nose bleeds.

Vitamin E

Studies have shown that women took vitamin E supplements during their periods for 4 consecutive months have experienced less symptoms and pain during menstrual cycle in the long run. They also reported to have used less over the counter medication to deal with menstrual pains. The use of the supplements also reported less fatigue in the users and cravings.

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Waxing or Any Painful Procedure

Waxing, plucking, tattoo or anything that can cause pain should be avoided. During your menstruation you are more sensitive, resulting in more pain than you normally would experience. Most salons, artist, and dentist will ask you if you are having your period and would recommend you not to get it. In case they don’t this is a warning for you.

I don’t think anyone likes having their period. Even women that don’t get severe symptoms. Making this time of the month a lot smoother is important to keep us sane. We want our period to be pleasant, less painful and stress free. We may not get all of these completely, but we hope that the tips above will help make your period a lot easier. Though, try your best to relax during this time. Grab your favorite pajamas and blanket, and watch your favorite movie. De-stress yourself and you’ll feel a lot better.

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