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Important Tips in Preventing and Easing 4 Major Types of Headaches

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We must always reflect on our habits and general lifestyle first to determine and persistent daily inconveniences we experience from our bodies.  There are also many types of headaches, most are  avoidable with some mindfulness in health and overall wellbeing.  Of course anything to painful and persistent may need a check up, but don’t go for tylenol or aspirin right away…or as little as possible in your life actually.  These over the counter pills and many prescribed ones are quite far from what is natural nor necessary.  It is always better to take natural supplements, they may be shaped like a pill but its content is processed just enough for that nutrient to be extracted and packaged.  Plus getting dependent on common, chemical drug store drugs is likely to happen for people who are not so aware that taking natural supplements is enough.

Do your best first to be healthy and happy, for a good diet and exercise regimen is the best and most affordable health investment.  Do your best to clear your head and be positive instead of a downer.  Stress is so real that it is secretly the number one killer and cause of disease.  Stress hormones like cortisol shoot up in high, unnecessary amounts making our skin duller, gain weight and generally not be pleasant to be around with.  Therefore headaches are greatly lessened with mindfulness of self and environment.

Who knows, you could just be eating too much junk and not enough veggies, not exercising which is a horrible choice, smoking cigarettes, drinking a lot of alcohol for you to handle, sleeping too late, working hard but not having fun or it could even be as simple as not breathing properly or not having enough water.

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Now we’ll move on to the 4 types of common headaches and what to do about them, but do keep in mind that for all headaches people should just drink more water, eat healthier and move and stretch around more:

  1. Sinus headaches

One of the most common types of headache wherein some pain and pressure is experienced in the nasal region, eyes especially inner eyes, lower forehead and perhaps the cheeks.  Usually you may just be experiencing this from a cold, cough or flu due to lowered immunity from allergies, poor health habits or it was by chance (everyone gets sick).  Your enemies with this headache is the inflammation in your sinuses, dehydration or lack of water in your system and “lack of internal cleanliness” or simply put your body does not have enough antioxidants and may have too much toxins.

Please drink more water, teas with citrus juice and rind in them along with other soothing ingredients such as herbs that fight respiratory problems.  Ginger, lemons, lime, boiled guava leaf tea, coconut juice and mints are great for fighting inflammation and soothing the senses.  Also do stretch gently yet wholeheartedly, stretch your neck, back and arms first then the rest of the body.  You can also put a mentholated substance on your forehead and the sides of the nose.  Do not forget to breath deeply and properly, from the pit of the stomach. Sit or stand more than laying down.

  1. Cluster headache

The least common type of headache and the least known about.  Experts are not quite sure what causes it but apparently a nerve in the eye responsible for feeli png heat and pain just…goes off.  It simply just activates, perhaps it s our bodies way of saying that we’re doing something wrong with our health.  We may be stressing major time, recurring stressful episodes and headaches are not gonna bode well in the long term.

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But whatever the reason may be it is best to attack this problem by making all the right health decisions, take natural supplements, drink water and maybe either herbal tea or fresh fruit juice, or a combination of both, stay away from direct heat or cold, massage your head with essential oils, take natural pain killers like boiled herbal roots and leaves before deciding to go straight for chemical pills.  Have lots of vitamin C and eat clean, fresh food, soups are great.  You may need to edit or full on change your diet, your headaches may be due to a toxin buildup.  And do not forget to exercise and breathe properly.

  1. Tension headache

The kind that makes your temples feel like heated iron rods and may act like a gym headband of constricting, pulsating pain.  It is more of a radiating, consistent pain where as a cluster headache can be sharper, a bit more violent and random and is experienced in one eye.  Not as bad as migraines but can cause vomiting if you have a weak or acidic stomach.

This is caused by constriction in the neck and scalp area, something that can indeed be fixed by regular exercise, at least try basic stretching.  This is also usually stress-related, so relax and take your time to do breathing exercises, a massage either just the head and neck or whole body would be great too.  Stress also causes this but the body is much poorer at handling stress when it is unhealthy, so do look after yourself.

  1. Migraine
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Everyone’s favorite.  Like a half mask of extreme discomfort.  Usually characterized by recurrent, medium-heavy to extreme throbbing pain mainly on one side of the head.  This can get dangerous and be a potential aneurysm or stroke.

Besides taking vitamin c, lots of water, exercising and eating fresh foods also go for B12 supplements and fish oil or fish oil supplements.  You could be lacking vital vitamins and minerals.  B vitamins give more blood production, serotonin release and aids in brain and nerve function.

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