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Get to Know the Different Effects of Stress on Your Skin

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We all know that stress can cause all kinds of health issues to strike in the long run, most especially if it’s poorly managed. Did you know that uncontrolled stress can also cause all sorts of skin problems to come into being? So if you are a beauty-conscious individual, it’s of utmost importance for you to deal with stress effectively each time.

Read on if you like to know how stress can wreak havoc to your physical appearance. Below you will come across some of the nastiest skin issues that stress can cause.

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Especially if you have acne-prone skin, make sure that you keep high levels of stress at bay. Inflammation can strike as a result of elevated hormones within, and skin care specialists say that acne is inflammatory in nature.

If you think that you no longer have to worry about acne because you are well past your teenage years, better think again. Stress is usually the culprit why a lot of adults are also being bugged by acne. Since having acne can be quite stressful, the problem can easily become a self-propagating one!


It’s no secret that too much sun exposure is the reason why a lot of people suffer from wrinkles prematurely. Having these pronounced lines across the forehead, around the eyes, and in the corners of the nose and lips can definitely make you look a lot older than your actual age.

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However, not too many are aware of the fact that stress can also cause wrinkles to strike faster than usual. According to experts in skin care, high levels of stress hormones can accelerate breakdown of collagen.

Dryness or Oiliness

Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, it’s very important for you to keep your stress to a minimum. Otherwise, you may experience exacerbation of your particular skin problem.

The stress hormone can cause all kinds of unusual effects on the skin. Some people may end up with skin that’s dryer than the driest desert on the planet. Other people may end up with extremely shiny skin due to excess oils. Both excess dryness and oiliness can cause all kinds of beauty nightmares to appear, by the way.


Do you suffer from eczema? Then it’s not just irritants and allergens that you should avoid, but also having high levels of stress. According to health authorities, one of the most well-known triggers of eczema is stress. The problem is they do not really know the exact reason why stress can do that.

The problem with eczema is it can cause the person suffering from it to end up stressed even more. And because stress is a trigger of the said skin condition, it’s very much likely for eczema to worsen considerably!

Cold Sores

Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for cold sores. Someone who carries the herpes simplex virus responsible for it has no choice but to put up with cold sores each time they show up.

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One of the common reasons why cold sores come into being is stress. Needless to say, it’s important for you to keep your stress levels to a minimum if you have a history of cold sores. While there are OTC creams or ointments that you may apply, they’re just for symptom relief and not treatment. Controlling your stress is the best way to tame cold sores.

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