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Reasons Why Your Tooth is Loose

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In kids, having loose teeth is equivalent to a small fortune from the tooth fairy. In adults, however, it is a completely different thing — often it usually means a less-than-perfect simile sooner or later.

If your tooth is currently loose, keep on reading. Below you will come across some of the most common reasons why your tooth is wiggly. Don’t forget to share this article later on your various social media sites to get everyone you care about also check out why their teeth are loose.

Tooth Grinding

Doctors call it bruxism. Everyone else outside the medical community, on the other hand, refer to it as tooth grinding.

People who suffer from stress and anxiety are some of the most common tooth grinders on the face of the planet. However, it can also occur while the person is asleep. More often than not, it’s brought about by a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. However, dental experts say that bruxism can also be blamed on having missing teeth and an abnormal bite.


It’s not uncommon for individuals who engage or participate in sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey and boxing to have missing teeth. Apparently, it’s because of injuries to their mouths.

Sometimes a trauma to the mouth can knock off a tooth completely. There are instances, however, in which the person is lucky enough to only end up with a loose tooth. If you are into sports, make sure that you wear a mouth guard to keep your pearly whites out of harm’s way.


It’s not just fractures that a person with osteoporosis may end up with, but also loose teeth. It’s important to note that your bones help your gums and other supportive structures to keep every single one of your chompers firmly in place.

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Men can have osteoporosis, too, although it’s more common in women. Women with osteoporosis are three times more likely to lose their teeth than women who do not have the disease.


It’s no secret that being in the family way can cause all sorts of weird changes in a woman’s body to come into being, and her smile is not an exception.

Due to hormonal changes, dental experts say that it’s very much possible for the teeth of a pregnant woman to become loose. The good news is it’s something that’s temporary only — after giving birth and her hormone levels have returned to normal, those loose teeth will quit bugging her.

Periodontal Disease

According to dental experts, one of the most common causes of loose teeth is periodontal disease. Simply put, it is a disease that is characterized by the inflammation of the gums as well as bones. The damage one may incur from periodontal disease is irreversible.

Periodontal disease starts out as gingivitis or gum disease. If left uncontrolled, gingivitis can easily lead to periodontal disease that can cause you to lose your pearly whites for good.


It’s no secret that diabetes comes with a bunch of symptoms as well as serious health complications such as high blood pressure, blindness, kidney damage and leg amputations.

Did you know that having diabetes can also put your smile in grave danger? That’s because those who are suffering from diabetes are at high risk of developing periodontal disease, in particular if they fail to manage their blood glucose levels effectively.

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WARNING: None of the details above should be used as professional advice which only a dental expert can provide. The moment that you notice that a tooth of yours is loose, it’s a good idea for you to step foot inside the office of your trusted dentist ASAP.

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