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Mistakes You Always Make With Your Sunscreen

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We’ve all gotten embarrassing sunburn at one point. We forget to wear sunscreen, stayed under the sun too long, got too excited with summer fun or thought that our skin can never be damaged. Since tanned skin started to become a huge trend, we’ve been dedicating a lot of our time to getting bronzed. It doesn’t really matter what your reason for staying under the sun is, what matter is how you are protecting your skin. Sunscreen is so important. It’s something we need to apply on our skin every day. Yet, many of us make common mistakes when it comes to it.

If you experience skin irritation, rashes or sunburn, even though you put on the required time and protection on your skin, you might be making mistakes when it comes to your sunscreen. Here are some common mistakes you’re making and how you can fix them.

Not Applying Enough

You don’t have to scrimp on applying your sunscreen. There are some sunscreen products that can still work with a thin layer, but it can give an uneven protection. The skin has a different texture. Hence, leaving sensitive parts of your skin with a thin layer of moisturizer won’t cut it. Apply a nickel size amount on your palm and rub it together. Use this all over your face. Now use the same amount of sunscreen and place it all over your neck. The skin on your neck requires the same amount of sunscreen since it is more susceptible to sun damage. Trust us, it’s not a lot, especially when you apply it on evenly.

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Not Using the Right SPF Product When Staying Outdoors

You’ll notice a striking font in most sunscreen packaging – SPF 20, SPF 30, SPF 45 and so on. You might think that the higher you go the better. Well, in some cases, yes. Products that contain SPF that is higher than thirty is made for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. The lower SPF, on the other hand, is made for cold weathers or for indoors. If you plan to go to the beach or stay under the sun for a long period, use sweat proof SPF 30 or more. This will prevent hyperpigmentation and sunburn.

Applying It Once A Day

This tip can vary depending on your activity. If you plan to stay indoors, one or two applications is enough. When planning to stay outdoors to hike or swim, then you need to apply more than once. People who have sensitive and fair skin require the most applications. You need to apply sunscreen every two hours. When you have more of an olive skin tone, then you can apply every three or four hours. When you have a dark skin tone you can apply three or four times a day. You should apply more often if you are doing activities out of the water.

Protective Accessories

You’ve slathered on a good amount of sunscreen yet you still got sunburned. Sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun, but it can’t protect you a hundred percent. You can help your skin by using protective accessories such as sunglasses, hats and umbrella.

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Now you know about the common sunscreen mistakes that you may probably be committing. Learn to keep your skin safe and prevent skin damage by wearing your sunscreen the right way. Share this with your friends and family to keep them protected from the sun.

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